24th Jul 2007, 11:28

Regarding this Pulsar K1; the starter solenoid was recently changed because it would crank up intermittently. A light bulb in the cabin was replaced and nothing much else.

I know there are not many of these in Singapore, but I must say the car holds together rather well.

8th Apr 2010, 11:14

Pulsar update. Still in pristine condition. She is going into the shop shortly as the undercarriage bushings are being renewed. There are some odd noises coming from the underside when doing parking maneuvers, but relatively quiet at highway speeds. CV joints will need replacement in a couple of months. Some tell tale sounds showing through. Overall, still going strong, still holding together well. I'm amazed.

24th Feb 2011, 10:47

Happy to report that the Pulsar is still doing well.

Just sent it in for a rust spot under the side mirror. Other than that no other evidence of corrosion. Car still running well. Interior holding up very, very well. Hand on heart, it's almost factory fresh. Seats are perhaps sagging a bit.

Right now it's at 168,000 km and showing no signs of slowing down. Some odd thing happened a few months ago. The air con main hose came off. But otherwise that's it.

See you later.

7th Oct 2015, 13:15

Update on this Singapore Pulsar that I believe to be one out of the three remaining in Singapore.

The brakes have occasionally acted up in a manner that at very low speeds, I sometimes lose brake assistance.

It didn't happen all the time and never happened at highway speeds. On a punt the brake master cylinder and servo were then replaced by parts acquired from the USA for a Nissan Sentra. Their brake servo part numbers matched.

At this time, the coil springs and shock absorbers were replaced with parts ordered from the UK. A truly international endeavour!

I'm summary, I'm still completely impressed with this car's reliability, and I am really happy with her.