1995 Nissan Pulsar Rezzo 3dr 1.5L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, fuel efficient, cheap car


This car has been amazingly reliable.

Being a cam chain, it doesn't need the cam belt replaced.

The only thing that has gone wrong is a split seam on the thermostat housing in the cooling system. Took a little while to diagnose, but easy to replace (I'm mechanically minded, but by no means a mechanic).

General Comments:

I have loved owning this car. It's the bottom of the range Pulsar, but it has seriously grown on me.

It's incredibly reliable; I have just done basic maintenance like oil changes, and ensuring the fluids are full. And it just keeps on chugging, oblivious to the fact it has done 200,000km.

It doesn't drink any oil, and since fixing the split seam, it doesn't use water either.

Fuel Economy:

This car/engine is the most fuel economic car you can buy. For a 17 year old car, I get 5.5L/100km (motorway driving), which is better than most new cars on the market.

If you want a reliable, fuel efficient little car, that you don't want to do much to maintain, the N15 Pulsar is for you.

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Review Date: 12th November, 2012

13th Apr 2015, 12:01

I got one as well as a second car, and a superb car they are. Cheap to buy and afford, great fuel economy, and they drive lot better than what people would expect.

1995 Nissan Pulsar CJI 2.0 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Economical and reliable


Air conditioning belt broke at around 150,000 ks.

Alternator gave up at around 153,000 ks - hard to source another second hand unit.

Temperature gauge used to twitch every so often.

Some rust in the pillars and under the car.

Sounded like a tractor and had a knocking sound (never did figure out what it was).

General Comments:

Car was average to drive, a lot of give on cornering.

Very slow on hill acceleration (max 80 km/h) although what can you expect from an old non turbo diesel.

Overall the car owed me nothing, and I was very reluctant to sell it - running a diesel is becoming very expensive in NZ.

Granted, I did not take very good care of it; the car served me very well. I was able to get 600kms from a tank of diesel.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2011

1995 Nissan Pulsar X1 1.5 DOHC EFI 4 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


Nice, roomy, functional small car


Starter motor went, common fault, gets stuck. Sometimes a tap with a hammer gets them going, but ultimately had to replace.

Driver's electric window switch worked intermittently. Cleaned with electrical contact cleaner, fixed.

Rust formed under front bumper, had to be fixed to pass warranty of fitness. Apparently common too.

Paint a bit thin in places.

General Comments:

Great little car despite its occasional issues.

Handles very well, quite roomy for a car this size.

Good on long trips. Auto with overdrive works well on open road.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2010

1995 Nissan Pulsar LX 1.6 DOHC 16v from Australia and New Zealand


Good speed. Good economy. Good God where's lunch?


The engine and transmission in the car is extremely good and seemingly flawless in its condition and performance (so far anyway).

The suspension, tyres and brakes, however, are another story and have forced many trips to the garage.

Have had many wheel alignments done on the car, often just a couple of months apart (i think I just need to find a better mechanic).

The brakes were replaced in 2002 from just normal wear.

2003 saw the computer chip that controls the fan die ($150), the battery go and something bent the front suspension... got that fixed for free as a kind gesture from the mechanic for the many failed wheel alignments.

General service has been kept up to date.

General Comments:

The 1.6L just goes and goes, a very impressive performer that gives friends small cheap thrills.

The red line at 6900 is easily reachable as the the gears are fairly close together. 5th gear at 60km/h causes no stress on the engine on flat roads and changing down to 3rd to get up those steeper hills will maintain the speed quite easily. Cruising at 110km/h the revs lie at 3750.

The handling is soooo nimble. Parking and twisty roads are easy.

The brakes lock very easily in the wet even at low speeds.

I learned to drive in this car and would recomend it to anybody who wouldn't mind being seen in a pulsar!

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Review Date: 10th November, 2003

26th Oct 2005, 04:36

Your review was very interesting. could you tell me what the thing on the dashboard is that lights up sometimes and says check? check what? can you tell me. I just got the car and it is all that you say except I'm having a little trouble with water in the sparkplug thing, but ther garage has taken care of that I hope.