2014 Nissan Pulsar ST-S 1.6 DIG turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Wolf in sheep's clothes...


Hit a Kangaroo at 100km per hour... Needed a new bumper, left quarter panel, left front door, CV shaft and a wheel alignment. Took a while to get parts in as no one in WA stocks them yet.

General Comments:

Fantastic. The turbo coupled with the 6 speed manual is an absolute triumph. The car is a real sleeper, same as an SSS except without the leather, body kit and sat nav. Just an all round great daily driver with a sporty flavour. 0-100 in 7 seconds is pretty quick for a warm hatch as well.

Can't really fault Nissan's service; very friendly down here in Rockingham and very helpful. I'll keep you posted as she ages... Keeping this one for a while I think. Bloody great.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2014

20th Dec 2014, 19:32

I have the SSS. I think both cars would look better with 18 inch wheels, and on the SSS it might stop the front spoiler scraping when I go in and out of driveways. Great cars though.

12th Apr 2015, 13:45

How is the FM radio reception on your SSS? Have you noticed any static/interference?

6th Aug 2015, 05:15

Tested other HOT Hatches... none came close to offering the combination of get-up-n-go, comfort, space and ease of daily use for the price.

Ford Focus - more expensive by $8000 - at that price better cars are available ie GOLF series.

Mazda3 MP - nearly the same price as the Focus - noisy ride on poor roads, less cabin space, harder to get in or out of (seats lower to ground than Pulsar) and harsher ride.

Hyundai - much poorer ride comfort to Pulsar - seats low to the ground... performance not competitive. Why is low seats a factor?? Long distance comfort is aided by higher seat/floor relationship... better for your back over rough roads.

Pulsar DIG-T performance is real world FUN... AND the engine is quiet, refined, and loves to rev.

If you want 'the' best performing hatch - buy the Golf GTI or 2015 Ford Focus RS, Renault Megane etc... the added $8000 + is well spent for you...

If you want a 'normal, family, commute' car with 80% of the hot hatch performance, Nissan has that covered with the DIG-T... I own one for that reason.

$ per grin factor - the cars not mentioned do not compete...

30th Mar 2019, 13:44

OP here. 78,000km and 5 years later, she's still going gangbusters. Apart from services every 10,000km, I've had no dramas. Very reliable, highly recommend.