1994 Nissan Quest GXE 3.0L from North America


If repairs were free, I possibly might like it


A/C compressor.

C/V joints.


Rear engine seal.

Motor mounts.

Power steering pump.

Manifold gaskets.

Crankshaft snapped at idle.

General Comments:

Money pit.

Handles great! Way better than my 02 Yukon.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2012

1994 Nissan Quest GXE 3.0 from North America


Wonderful family van


Rear A/C fan went out at 80,000

Main A/C replaced at 120,000.

General Comments:

Great Power. Excellent performance in traffic, mountains, or Hwy.

Comfortable seating in the captain's chairs. Leg room ample in the front seats. Rear seats are a little cramped.

Brakes constantly need adjusting or replacing.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2005

1994 Nissan Quest XE 3.0 V6 150hp gas from North America


Premium minivan only bogged down by problematic brakes


Front brakes had been a consistent problem for the first 4 years of ownership. Squeals a lot and the dealership can't fix it even after repeated tries. No problems afterward.

The brake failed twice - step on the brake and no response - resulted in 1 rear-end and 1 near-miss!!! Dealer again can't find the problem.

A/C failed last year and now again. I'm trading in the van for a new 2003 Altima.

Considering the weight of this van, the brakes are adequate at best. Fades easy in lengthy city traffic or when fully loaded.

Radio button sucks. Hard to read/feel while driving - advise not to touch them on the move. Other controls are fine though.

General Comments:

Engine and transmission had been dead reliable all these years. No major problem at all, just regular maintenance and gas. Starts everyday in Canadian winter at 5am! Mechanicals are from Nissan Maxima after-all (big plus)!

Interior design and quality of materials are very good - try compare a 94' domestic-brand minivan and see the HUGE difference! Recipient of Interior Design Gold Reward if I remember right. Feels upscale once inside.

Adequate, if not abundant, power in general. However I did went over the speedo once on a lonely highway. Estimated at 175km/h with 4 adults on board, speedo max at 160km/h.

Take out the 2nd row bench/captain chairs and voila! You have a limo!!! Stretch out your legs and you still have 2 feet of space for luggage in front. Perfect for trips of 4 for long highway drive.

Considering myself as a caring user, the interior still looks like new after nearly 10 years of DAILY USE. VERY little wear and tear. Very good!

Space is tight with all 3 rows of seat though.

Overall dealer service is average. Not quite at Lexus-level nor get you yell at them.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2003

1994 Nissan Quest XE 3.0 from North America


3 radios in the first 20,000 miles.

Brake lights keep failing, along with 3rd brake light bulb.

Front lights secured by piece of plastic which has broken.

Alternator mounts have come loose twice.

Fuel tank filler neck cracked, leaks fuel when filling tank.

Dome lights had electrical problem.

AC/Heater hose developed hole.

Brakes have been problematic, rotors warped.


General Comments:

Very unhappy with this van. Tried to get the car returned under Lemon Laws, Nissan extremely difficult. Their best warranty has covered only the alternator mount problem. Motor and power train, A-OK! Electrical, very bad. 100,000 miles on the vehicle, most problems except for cracked fuel filler occurred in first 40,000 miles.

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Review Date: 4th October, 1999

21st Dec 2000, 05:18

I own the same car with the same year and thank god I have had no problem. Maybe it's just your luck?

27th Apr 2001, 05:35

Own 1994 Nissan Quest since new. Currently at 94,564 miles. Only recurrent problem has been TAIL LIGHTS!.

And it can be easily fixed. JUST REPLACE the bulb receptacle, and use extended life bulbs... Regular oil change (every 3k) and transmission oil "transfusion" every 25k will keep your vehicle in very good shape.

It has been a wonderful experience and a good investment. Looking forward for the next 100k miles.