2nd Oct 2002, 11:05

My 1994 Nissan Quest just shy of 68,000 miles, has a broken crankshaft. It was always serviced at the dealer. At first the Service manager said it would cost $4800 to fix. Consumer affairs says they will pay at least half for a re-manufactured engine. Internet research shows this to be a not uncommon problem for the Quest.

12th Nov 2002, 22:29

I have a '94 Quest and it is still faithful after moving numerous times. I haven't had a problem with it. Maybe it's just how you drive the car that makes the car go wrong.

26th Apr 2003, 07:25

I drive a '94 Nissan Quest and must add that she is as delightful as moonlight over neon oceans at night.

24th May 2003, 13:05

I just bought a used 2002 Quest-wish I hadn't.

It has been to the dealers to be serviced since the second day of ownership. It shakes rattles & rolls-sliding doors makes lots of noise and brake light has already gone out once.

2nd Jul 2003, 09:37

1995 quest, crankshaft broke, also, electronic system is wacked, tail lights, doors lock by themselves and over all problems with the radio and CD.

5th Sep 2003, 12:06

Yet another 1995 Mercury Villager horror story. My crankshaft broken in half at the timing gear in front of engine at 68,000 miles. Of course Ford acknowledged the existence of Oasis advisory number 04925 and 04053 which pinpoints the problem with the engines upon assembly. Satisfaction was not obtained on our part as Ford Customer Service will not cover the defect as there has not been a recall. This failure occurred at 10 mph with my wife driving and my children in the car. Check out the NTSB information on engines as there are a lot of Villagers and Quests with the same problem from 1993 to 1995.

29th Jan 2004, 22:24

I own a 1994 Quest, bought used at 64K miles and now has 120K miles. To date, the vehicle has been a very good performer with the normal repairs required.

The crankshaft on 93 - 95 models is a design / drive belt fault. Be VERY CAREFUL when adjusting the auxillary drive belts. It is very easy to apply too much tension to the belt and the crankshaft will snap.

The exhaust manifold studs have a tendency to break. Also, the exhaust cross over pipe can leak.

Out of the ordinary, I have had the A/C hose leak, causing the freon to escape out of the system. I have replaced the fuel pump because I understand they tend to fail. When the timing belt was replaced, I also replaced the water pump. Also, the CV joint boots have been replaced, along with the front struts.

When replacing parts on this vehicle, I highly recommend using only OEM components. Aftermarket parts are cheap and do not last.

17th Jul 2004, 11:32

I bought my 1995 Nissan Quest (top of the line model with all the bells and whistles) in 2000. So, over the past 4 years I have spent most of my money on repairing the brakes which constantly have a squealing noise, when the car is first driven. There was a recall on the fuel line, but I had it fixed before I new about the recall. I have had some of the belts replaced, general maintenance. But for almost 15 years old it now has 98,000. miles, the electrical system, related to the radio/CD-player/door locks seem to be acting up. The motor mounts have been replaced and the exhaust manifold is giving out and will need replacing over the next couple of years. My mechanic said to replace the exhaust manifold when it begins to sound like a train, until then I will have to tolerate some exhaust fumes.

17th Sep 2004, 15:19

Just a "thank you" for the info. My husband and I are looking into buying an older Quest, and this is helpful. I do have one question for 17 July contributor - is car really 9 years old (you said it's a '95, and you say it's almost 15 years old???) or did you put in the wrong year? Thanks again for the helpful comments.

21st Jul 2005, 12:42

I now have over 175,000 miles on my 1994 Quest GXE and it has been a great vehicle. The only unusual and major problems/ repairs have been:

- Replacement of both front and rear exhaust manifolds. The studs on the front manifold broke at 130,000 miles and the rear manifold developed a burn-through leak at 170,000 miles. I understand that this is not uncommon on the Quest.

-The van had occasional engine stalls when driving at high altitudes (e.g., Yellowstone and Yosemite) on very hot days (over 100 degrees. The fuel pump is located on the gas tank and it would not pump properly when the fuel in the tank got too hot while at high altitude. It took a while to figure out that the fuel pump was defective because we rarely drove under these conditions.

Overall, a very reliable vehicle.

6th Aug 2006, 17:13

We are finally selling our Quest which we bought new in 1994. It has been awesome vehicle and has over 230,000 miles on it.

25th Sep 2006, 20:54

We bought a 1993 Nissan Quest from a family friend in November 2003 for $1000.00 with 151,000 miles. They had all the service records like for the recent timing belt replacement and the TSB for the fuel filler hose.

Since then we have driven (loaded with 6 people usually) cross country. For example one trip was from Los Angeles, to Missouri, New York, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., Florida, and then back to LA. The van is great.

The only 2 repairs I have done were for the rear a/c and heating controls. I soldered the connection myself and it is still working. The second repair was insulating one of the wires going to the driver's side power door lock. It was shorting causing all the locks to unexpectedly lock/unlock. Other than that I have only changed the engine oil (every 5,000 miles with full synthetics), flushed the radiator, and drained whatever would come out of the transmission and refilled.

For $1000.00 I figure we would just drive it till it drops because I wouldn't want to spend money fixing it up just to have something major break. Now it has 192,000 miles. My wife rear ended (totaled a Camry) so the front bumper is a little crooked. Things that have only recently happened are:

-drive shafts going bad (clicking)

-A/C hose separated one of the crimps near the compressor

We really do not want to drive without a/c so we're still deciding if we're going to fix it ($160 for the hose assembly only not incl. labor or freon). If we fix it then we might as well go all the way and change the drive shafts, straighten the body, give it a tune up, etc. Otherwise we'll get another car/van before summer next year.

22nd Feb 2008, 17:54

I bought bank repo 97 quest GXE at 86K miles. Spent a LOT $ on it so far:

Lug nuts

Radiator hoses



AC unit

Both transaxles

Oxygen sensor

Rear bearing

Drive belts

Motor mounts

Once it stalled at high altitude, lost power - throttle control problem.

Water got into rear back up lamps, cheap plastics.

Some may be lucky - NOT a reliable used car.

11th Oct 2010, 11:25

We bought a 1994 Nissan Quest XE new in March 1994. It has 149,000 miles on it (October 2010). The car has been a reliable performer since day 1. So far, no problems.

We change oil every 7,500 miles. We take the Quest in for regular servicing according to the owner's manual. All servicing has been done by the local Nissan dealership.

We drive reasonably, and still get around 24mpg. After 100k miles, we've had to switch to premium gas due to pinging, especially on hot days. In winter, we run on regular gas.

So far, only accident has been being rear-ended while stopped at a light (no major damage), about six years ago.

I hope we get a quarter of a million miles from the Quest before vehicle replacement time.

6th Nov 2010, 22:21

I recently bought a 93 Nissan Quest.

I have had a ton of problems with the car. Tail lights, electrical issues, within a week blew the head gasket, repaired & blew the radiator.

Now the water pump is bad & I found a certified mechanic that said it took him 32 hours to replace the water pump. He suggested I junk the car...