2002 Nissan Quest GXE 3.3 gas from North America


Good overall mini van. Used value is good. You can buy the Mercury Villager at least a $1000 cheaper


Struts replaced at 58,000 miles to try and get rid of the creaking sound, which still remained. I have learned this to be a common issue, which does not effect the ride or handling. I had a similar problem on my 97 and 98 Quests too.

General Comments:

The van has plenty of power, and with the aftermarket tires and rims, it drives like a much sportier car. Doesn't have touchy steering feel of the Caravans I have owned prior.

The body is built by Ford, which it shares its structure with the Mercury Villager, but has a 3.3 ltr. Nissan engine (not a Ford).

It's been pretty comfortable on trips, but lacks a little cargo space in the rear when the van is full of occupants.

I prefer the two sliding doors and a middle bench seat over the middle row buckets for accessing the rear seat.

I have averaged about 19-20 mpg on the highway.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2009

2002 Nissan Quest GXE V6 from North America


This is a piece of junk-stay away from it


Interior panels are creaking.

Seats rattle.

Sliding doors rattle.

Seats are wearing badly.

General Comments:

This is the worst investment I've ever made.

This is my first non-American car and it will be the last Nissan I will ever buy.

My $12,000 Dodge Neon was as quiet and more solidly built than this $25,000 Nightmare.

It's like throwing money away. I've only had it 2 days and it feels like everything inside is going to fall apart.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2003

13th Dec 2003, 20:31

Ford Aerostar, Windstar and And Nissan Quest Are all totally different vehicles..

Ford Aerostar is a Truck built Minivan with a Rear or All-Wheel-Drive configurations. Ford Windstar and the Quest/Villager Are also 2 totally different vehicles..

31st Dec 2003, 14:35

The Nissan Quest, Mercury Villager, and Ford Windstar are sisters. But the quest and Villager are twins. The Quest/Villager both have a ford engine along with other parts. Because the Quest is more Ford than anything else, it is a poorly built van. Mine is a 1996, and it was the worst investment I ever made. Do your research.

19th Jan 2004, 10:17

Uh, Mercury is made by Ford. So how can the Japanese be blamed by this one?

14th Jun 2009, 20:16

The Mercury Villager and Nissan Quest were designed jointly by Ford an Nissan and based off a Nissan Maxima. Both the 3.0L and 3.3L engines put in the vans are Nissan engines, there was never a Ford engine in either.

And the Windstar is in no way related to the Villager/Quest. It is based off the Taurus and uses Ford engines.

31st Aug 2011, 06:40

You need to do YOUR research, as my ex-husband works for Nissan, and the Nissan Quest and Mercury Villager are TWINS except for minor interior trim and paint colors! BOTH have ALL NISSAN parts and ENGINES, but were assembled by FORD! I am still currently driving our 1993 Villager with 271,000 original miles on it, and never an engine fix issue. I have done terrible maintenance on it, and it has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned!!

Love a Nissan Engine,

J. Hayes.

14th Jan 2013, 18:00

Do you know that this was mostly a Ford product? Its counterpart is the Mercury Villager. This was the last year of the joint-venture between the 2 models.