1993 Nissan Sentra XE 1.6 from North America


Decent car, you get what you pay for


Water pump failed at 126000 miles.

Door hinges are loose.

Exterior trunk lock doesn't work.

General Comments:

Decent little car for the money, though well known for alternator troubles (mine was replaced just previous to my buying it). Rides quiet for its size, but a little bouncy, nothing that shouldn't be expected from a 13yr old 2 door with original shocks/struts. Gets decent gas mileage, and can apparently take a philly curb head on and keep going with only exhaust damage (no substantial suspension damage). Rear brakes basically never wear out, though brake feel is spongy and not very responsive on this car. Wish it had a tachometer.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2006

25th Jul 2006, 04:10

I just bought a 1993 Nissan Sentra XE from its first owner. It only has 105,234 miles on the odometer and engine. So far, I am loving the reliability and performance. The engine does not leak any fluids and the car runs so quiet, you cannot even hear it running. The Sentra does have some rust on the body, but the undercarriage was undercoated years ago and that is still immaculate. The automatic transmission shifts like new and the brakes are a bit spongy, however I plan to have the whole car looked over by my mechanic. For only $600, I do not think that I made a bad purchase.

24th Oct 2009, 15:17

Bought mine with 124K and have poured some money into it. The fuel economy goes a very long ways in covering that.

Thing is 16 years old now with 161K showing on the odometer.

I don't care, she will make it 300K I feel. If I spend 5K total (including original purchase and repairs) over a period that spans 175,000 miles between when I bought her and when the odemeter clicks over to 300,000, I won't care.

I saw one post out here on this year's model or one year to either side that went 300K plus on 3 clutches, 3 sets of drive axles and 3 head gaskets.

I'm thinking here... you must beat the SSSS out of your cars.

I love my little car.

24th Oct 2009, 22:08

Some Sentras run a very long time and some don't. My insurance agent bought his son a Sentra and literally junked it out at 43,000 miles. He bought his son a Dodge with 130,000 miles on it and sold the Sentra to a junk dealer. He drove the Dodge well past 200,000 miles.

1993 Nissan Sentra E 1.6L DOHC from North America


The greatest car you can ever love. Read my Great Review


Oil Leak.

General Comments:

It seems that most people complain about the power in these cars. When I first got the car I changed the stock air box for an after market intake. Since then the car is way faster.

These Nissans have a 1.6L engine, but they're Dual over head cams (DOHC) 's so they're much faster than any Civic. Also they use Timing Chains so you don't have to worry about replacing a cheap timing belt every 60k miles. Timing chains literally don't need to be replaced.

I've had my Sentra since 1997 and it's been one of the best cars I've ever owned. My buddy asked to borrow one of my cars to go to L.A. which is a 400 mile drive. I told him to take my Sentra. He was scared to, but when he came back he called me and said dang, I got over 40 MPG in your car! Do you want to sell it?

I've had many people ask me if I'd sell it to them, after loaning it to them for a few weeks. It's just a great little car. It's much more roomier than a civic and if you put on some Tokico (blue) springs and shocks the car will handle very well too.

I used to race my Sentra in the mountains and Mustang's and BMW's couldn't lose me. They were amazed my only modification was tires, suspension and an intake.

If your looking for a used one get one. For the prices they go for these days you can't get a better car that is more reliable and gets over 35mpg.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2006