29th Jan 2011, 19:11

Nissan Sentra 1.8 2005. I bought this car as new. Now after over five years of using it in variety conditions, with 60.000 miles on it, I can say it is a great car, and I am willing to keep it for another five.

The car is quiet (specially when compared to Honda Civic), good on gas (32mpg average city/highway) and has good acceleration.

When I bought the car, the idea was to keep it as long as possible, so I took good care of it.

Regular changes of fluids, filters, tires and all these from the top shelf. I use the gas and brake pedals very gently, and I'm sure that is also a reason that I don't have any problems with it.

So far had only one problem, which was blown shock-absorber (after 2 years), but it was warranty repair. Since then I can't really complain. Still have the original tires, but the front ones are ready to be replaced.

There are some minuses, but taking into consideration price, performance, and everything else, then they seemed minute.

Electric windows could close faster, there is some scratching sound when I rest my arm on arm-support, the gasket of the driver door is leaking a couple droplets every time it rains, and when I listen to the very loud music, I can hear also some cracking noises from speaker's plastic covers, and that is all.

The car isn't too comfortable for long trips, but that might be only my experience, because with my height of 6'7", I don't have enough lumbar and leg support.

Five times I was rear-ended, so I can say that average repair is 1k to 2k (although every accident is different).

I love this car for its look, design, roominess (especially above your head), quiet operation (up to 65 mph is quiet, then becomes strangely noisy, but at 80 mph is quiet again. Strange isn't it?)