2005 Nissan Sentra 1.8 1.8 from North America


Reliable, but horrible ride


Car gives horrible ride on highway. Engine and road noise is overwhelming. The car has to struggle to maintain highway cruising speed of 70mph.

Gas mileage is mediocre, only about 22mpg. I expected more from Nissan.

Silly me!!

General Comments:

This car is great for around town errands, but for highway commutes it just plain sucks. The engine has to maintain high rpms at highway cruising speeds.

The engine vibration is too much to bear on long trips.

What a piece of crap,5th gear ratio is inadequate for this vehicle.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2007

10th Aug 2008, 00:37

2005 Nissan Sentra S 1.8L. Bought this in 2007 with 110k on odometer (hard to believe - 110k in less than 3 years, it's mostly highway mileage though), so far a year of driving is pretty smooth, no major/minor problems/indications, right now it has 120k miles. The previous owners used this car for towing, so as a precaution I replaced transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, put new tires and brake pads/shoes, none of these were a problem, I'm just extra careful, driving steep mountains in NM.

What I do like:

-because of a little weight, fast accelerations/stops with a driver only, but if 3 people inside, goes slower/weaker;

-it gets 35 mpg on average, highway/city as 50/50;

-cornering is nice, I put Z-rated tires on it, did the balancing/alignment, suspension can definitely handle more than this model weights, 16 inch aluminum disks, tires 205/50R16;

-short height, a driver seats lower than in Civic/Corolla, more equilibrium and less air resistance; at high speed

-engine performance: 2000 rpm at 60 mph, 3000 rpm at 80 mph, 4000 rpm at 100 mph; maximum torque comes at 2500 rpm, which is typical city rpm and much better than any Honda/Toyota class related model, they give a mix torque at 4000 rpm, Nissan engines rules! ;

-fancy dancy anti theft ignition lock system;

-a lot of space under the hood as for a small car, easy to access most of the parts;

-no timing belt and expensive replacement, a lifetime chain instead;

-powered windows/steering, which is unusual for small cars like this;

-overall a reliable model and very cheap to maintain;

What I dislike:

-driving uphill in the mountains is harder than Civic/Corolla, it's 7000-10000 ft altitude, low pressure;

-noisy at high speed, a little weight trades off with sound insulators, plus a timing chain;

-very limited leg space at a passenger seat behind a driver;

-front disk brakes are good, but rear drums look like a cheap bargain, Nissan should have set up disk brakes on rear wheels as well, an inexpensive investment into performance/safety, although the car weights 2450 lbs, brakes stop the car just fine, I drive steep mountains sometimes, so some extra braking power would be great;

-a saloon looks economical, after all nice things they put into a drive train, it would be worth to spend an extra thousand on a saloon as well;

Conclusion: it's a perfect car for an everyday commutes as well as for highway. Cheap to maintain, fast as for 35 mpg. My next car will be the same model. The newer Sentra 2006 is bigger, taller, wider, and heavier, worse mpg. Can't see any progress after 2005 Sentra, it's a good competitor for Civic 2004, and cheaper.

Crucial: replace fluids and filters in time, and it will run longer than any Civic/Corolla.

God I love 16' disks with wide race Z tires.

2005 Nissan Sentra Spec V 2.5 from North America


Fun car to play with


First of all if you are thinking of buying a Nissan, please keep in mind that you will need a lot of patience with the service department.

The first problem I experienced with the car is the brakes. The brakes were making very loud noises right after I bought the car. It took me 3 visits to the dealer until they recognized the problem and fixed it. It was just a problem with the brake pads. Apparently the pads were new, but they were an after-market brand that the previous owner had put in the car, which was not very compatible with my car.

The second problem was one of the 12V electricity jacks. It stopped delivering power, but the problem was just a blown fuse. Those kinds of small maintenance problems are inevitable in a car.

The third and still unsolved problem is a small constant tickling noise and vibration that comes from the front (around the left wheel area specially when shifting,) I am not sure if it can be the axel shaft or something else. All I know from previous experiences that it is not the LSD (the dealer consist on telling me that I am probably hearing the LSD sound,) but if the previous owner used to launch the car hard in an everyday basis I think it might be the axle shaft or the engine mounts. However, I will reschedule an appointment with the service department again, and if I found out what was the problem I will post it on this website.

General Comments:

So far the car is running good, I have not experienced any of the common problems people experience with this car (ex. Oil consumption, Rattling etc.)

The car has a lot of torque and I love it. Much faster than what people think it is.

Great looking for a 4 door sedan of less than $ 17k.

If you drive at Cruising Speed of around 50 ml/hr on 6th gear, you can get around 30-35 mpg so it is not a gas expensive car.

But if I have the money to buy a quick 4 door sedan I will definitely spend it on a Evo.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2007

10th Mar 2007, 01:25

Hello everyone I am the person who wrote this review on this car, I didn’t know how to edit my original review so I decided to add this as a comment.

After I have written the original review I have already schedule 2 appointments with the service department to check the squeaking noise that I hear from the front wheels of the car. I had a ride with a technician and he told me that the bearing was bad, so I had my bearing changed.

Right after I got my car back from the dealer I was still hearing the same noise just that this time it was louder. I took it back again and they said now that it is the rotor, so now I am waiting for the rotors to be delivered to the dealer to get my next service appointment.

However, today March 10, 2007, the car gave me an additional problem. Every time that I turn my car on I can hear a rattling noise as if something was loose. I have not driven the car hard in any way. 1 because I like taking care of my cars, and 2 because the car has given me problems ever since I purchased it. I just took my car for a short road trip, around 50mil one way (therefore 100 miles in total,) and now my car sounds like it is going to fall apart while I am driving it too.

I will call the dealer again tomorrow to report this problem. It is a pity because the car is very fun to drive and very good looking, and it comes with a decent sound system. However, if the car keeps on having problem after this last service appointment I will strongly consider in changing the car.

It is very sad because I have not driven it for more than 3000 miles, which means that I haven’t had the car long enough to even do an oil change to it.

I will not recommend anyone to buy a Nissan after this experience with this SER Spec V, I feel ashamed because I am half Japanese and this is a Japanese brand. I hope they improve their quality in the future, but for now I cannot recommend this brand to anybody. Go for a Toyota, Honda, or a Subaru if you are thinking of purchasing a Japanese car.

16th Jul 2008, 18:08

You should not feel ashamed, because while this car may be Japanese in name, it is not Japanese. The 2000-2006 Nissan Sentra was manufactured in Mexico. Aguascalientes, Mexico to be exact.

My car is a 2004 Nissan Sentra SE-R, and from 37k to 39k I had these items dealt with. Resurfaced all brake rotors, replaced crank position sensor, re-calibrated idle system so check engine light would stop coming on and I could get the car inspected, and last but not least, had to completely replace the catalytic converters system.

Luckily my car had less than 80,000 miles, so it was covered under warranty because that would have been REALLY fun to pay for.