2005 Nissan Sentra SE 1.8 from North America


I'm sure most Sentras do not have the problems mine has had


Replaced leaking rack and pinion at 4,140 miles. It took 4 trips to the dealer get repaired.

Service Engine Soon light. Prior to 11,451 miles.

Resurfaced rotors (rear drums) at 11,451 miles.

Replaced front driver's window regulator at 11,451 miles. Special order regulator for passenger window.

Replaced passenger window regulator at 11,682 miles.

Service Engine Soon light. Prior to 11,855 miles.

Rear drums and shoes ordered at 11,855 miles.

10 days later, drums and shoes replaced.

2 days later, Engine light again.

Replaced R&I combination meter ass'y at 12,616 miles. 2 days in shop.

9 days later, Engine light again!!

I really want to love this car. Did I get a lemon?

General Comments:

Love the Fosgate/Rockford stereo.

Gets about 2 miles less per gallon than my 1995 Sentra under exactly the same driving conditions.

Has less power than the 95 Sentra.

Very little leg room in rear seats.

If you get the sun roof, have a towel handy when going through the car wash.

Pretty car.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2006

16th Nov 2006, 10:36

It's probably worth noting that Consumer Reports named the Sentra as one of their LEAST reliable small cars of 2006, along with the 5 cylinder Jetta and the Chevrolet Cobalt.

My, my... a Japanese car?

16th Oct 2007, 18:16

I have a 2005 Sentra sports edition. The one major problem I had so far was the keyless entry remote starting acting up. They eventually replaced the module that controls the keyless entry, and this fixed the problem. This happened a year ago.

I recently noticed that there are a couple of factory recalls on this vehicle. I guess I will have to take it in to have those issues resolved.

17th May 2013, 20:34

Actually, they are made in Mexico. The 2000-2006 Sentra. The two body styles after this are made in Mexico too.

2005 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V Qr25de from North America


Fast, fun, reliable, good stereo and vibrant colors



General Comments:

The SER is quite a machine. This is the fastest car I have ever owned. It is no Corvette, but on the other hand, it is less than a third of the price, and is only three seconds slower (0-60 in 7.2 sec). It is the best bang for the buck for under $20000, hands down.

There is no better feeling than pulling up to a stop light with the windows down and the sunroof open, with the 300 watt stereo blasting (which comes with a 10" sub).

The car still has VTC (I didn't mistake that for VTEC) at 4000rpm, except that it has a good power band at every range, unlike the Honda VTEC motors. You don't realize how fast the SER is until you rev it to 5000 in 1st and 2nd; by the time you shift to third, you're going 55, and the cars behind you are a football field length away.

You have to get used the torque steer (which only happens past 4000 RPM when all the torque is available, because it is front wheel drive), but you adjust quickly (just grip the steering wheel firmly), you won't run off the road, but it might swerve a bit.

Also, the stock suspension is a lot firmer compared to a family sedan, so you have to be careful driving, because it is easy for the steering wheel to sometimes jerk after hitting a bump.

NO COMPLAINTS WHATSOEVER. This car is a BLAST to drive. The 6 speed makes it all the better. I have had my car for a month, and I still look forward to driving it every day.

Another thing is that few people own a SER. Get a car that stands out from the rest (they are offered in yellow, red or orange (which I have) if you want), unlike a Civic.

P.S get the Nismo intake, it is well worth the money. You can really hear the engine growl afterward, I freakin' love it.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2006

5th Jul 2007, 18:53

This one is for the person with no complaints because he's had his vehicle for ONLY one month. I give him seven months before he joins everyone else with all types of problems. GOOD LUCK BUDDY!

9th Sep 2008, 22:24

I've had mine for over two years now, one complaint, fuel pump had to be replaced. Hey, it was in warranty and they were servicing it anyway, so it wasn't a problem.

I still look forward to driving it, handles like a dream, I get many comments, and peeps in Hondas with the big ole stove pipe mufflers really look perplexed in my rear view mirror.

In the mean time, I drive it as hard as I like and I'm still getting 27-29 mpg.

I have a friend who has a 2002 model, he's had absolutely no problems out of his, but that model has a bad looking shifter.

29th Aug 2010, 09:56

I bought mine new in 2005, and the only thing that needed fixing was a power steering hose clamp that came loose.

I suggest all those that have had issues with their cars to do proper maintenance and read the user manual. You will see that you require 91 octane and a specific synthetic transmission fluid, which are two things that are easily overlooked if you didn't take 5 minutes to read the manual.

In any case, I put in 'Mobil 1' synthetic oil every 5000km, replaced the manual transmission fluid with the specified synthetic blend, and always filled it with 91 octane. I drive spirited, and I have absolutely no complaints with the car.