6th Aug 2004, 12:58

Hey, Same as you, I have a Sentra 2001 SE2.0 and a Toyota Corollar SD 1997.

My Sentra accelerates great and the brake is good. My car can reaches 200km/h. I know this is insane and super dangerous, but I just try that once.

But my car is no stable, it sometimes lean to the right side on the highway. (I know that the road in North America is designed to curve a little bit, but both I and my mom notice that the car is leaning to one side) I have brought it to the garage and they say no problem at all. I don't know why, do you guys have same problem.

Ronald Tse.

8th Sep 2004, 16:36

Yes, what you mention on stability is true. I try not to run over 140 km/hr in my Sentra. I am afraid I will get out of the road on a stiff curve. Also The tires supplied by Nissan Mexico are bad. They are "General Tire" Brand. I would rather use Goodyear, Uniroyal, Tornel or Michelin. I feel the car especially unsafe when it rains. I am afraid the tires will not have enough friction coefficient to stop the car on time. I always brake with enough distance from other cars. Fortunately, Nissan Mexico changed the tire brand in its 2002-2004 models. I am waiting for the tires to wear out to buy new ones...

The car does lean a little bit when you grab a curve. I believe this is due to the lack of weight from the chassis. I wish the Sentra would weight a little more, so it could gain stability.

Else, the car performs OK. It doesn't break down and it is not expensive to maintain. I have seen many Sentras around the country, and it is a better option than other small cars sold today.


Alejandro Gallegos.