2001 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8L from North America


This car is nothing but a money pit!


I noticed that when I would start it in the morning, it could idle CRAZY; it was not normal.

I had the car checked out, and I was told the O2 sensors were bad. I fixed that, and it did nothing to the car.

I was then told it was the mass air flow sensors; fixed that, and it still wasn't that.

Then I was told my alternator was bad, I fixed that, and it still didn't help, and this is the car's 3rd one!!!

I was then told my bank O2 sensor was shot; fixed that, and the car ran fine for about 2 days.

I took it back in and was told my computer is bad in the car; fixed that, and it still doesn't run right.

I get very, very poor gas mileage as well.

The guy also told me that the fuel injectors were bad; fixed that too, and it did nothing!

General Comments:

This car has been nothing but problems from day one.

I have put over $1,500 into the car, and it still doesn't run right.

I have no idea what to do now.

The radio that was in it stopped working.

The car jerks at around 45-55mph, but stops when you take it out of overdrive.

It idles very poorly when you are at a red light, but when you take it out of gear, it idles fine.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2012

16th Dec 2012, 23:07

Which grade of gas were you using?

1st Sep 2013, 20:39

Obviously, the mechanics you were taking your car to don't know how to properly diagnose a problem. They were just getting you to throw parts at the problem and hoping it would go away. A proper mechanic would have done a thorough diagnosis of the problem, and actually checked parts and wiring to see what was causing the problem.

2001 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8L from North America


False Hope


In the beginning the car was amazing; no complaints at all. Then about 2 years ago, everything started to fall apart. The horn, air conditioning and stereo all stopped working. The car started to lose power and eventually stopped working at. Had the dealer look at it and found out that the computer was toast. I purchased a new computer and it really didn't fix the problem. The car finally turned on, but now the car needed a new coil.

We got the coiled replaced and it was working good for about 2 weeks. I was driving and noticed that the cars stereo turned off, then the airbag light came on then started blinking... I was able to turn off to a side street and then the car stopped working AGAIN!!! Had it towed back to my house and jumped it and started working. It seems that the car can run for about 15 minutes, then it wears on the battery. I have no idea what to do, but I am tired of pouring money into this thing...

General Comments:

The car has pep when it wants to.

Quite comfortable in the back seats.

Great gas mileage.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2011

2nd Oct 2011, 11:24

Buying a new car doesn't make sense anymore... quality is down... fit and finish is down... reliability is hit or miss, especially on newly designed cars... and some makes and models are losing half their value as soon as you walk out of the show room floor. Buying a quality used car at a good fair price just makes better sense.

Consumers Report Annual Auto Guide that comes out once a year in April has great used cars for anyone's budget... but not even Consumers Reports can help you avoid abused cars or cars that have been in an accident... so take it to a good mechanic to check for major damage or expensive to fix components, and get it on a lift to check for twisted metal...

2nd Oct 2011, 22:53

You most likely need a new alternator. I would pull my alternator and take it to an auto parts store for testing.

The battery might be on the fritz too.

5th Oct 2011, 16:23

After reading your review, it seems that your alternator is not working. Have that checked out, and hopefully that will get rid of your problem.


29th Oct 2011, 02:04

I agree - alternator!

Same exact problem with my 01 Sentra

New battery also helped out.

3rd Jul 2012, 00:35

I have the same car as you do, and I'm having problems like that, and MUCH, MUCH more. This car is a very poor car, I have lost hope in it after all the money I dumped into it. $1,500 later, and the car is running worse!