28th Sep 2006, 13:18

Hi, my name is Joe and I just purchased a Spec v 03 model with 120000 miles. Now I know that seems like a lot, but before I bought it I took it out and I romped on it pretty hard and the only thing I noticed was that the engine rattled slightly. I mean a 120000 is a lot for a 2003 model car. The car salesman riding with me on the interstate almost messed in his pants win we were rolling at about 120 mile an hour in 5th gear. Anyways. The cars engine matches the car so whoever had it before me didn't do a swap. I think I did pretty good buying this car.

11th Oct 2006, 11:49

Hey I'm an owner of a 2003 s.e.r. and I have had so many problems right from the get go. Least of which, I have had the stereo changed 3 times, by the 4th time it needed changing warranty was up and I definitely didn't go back to Nissan for one of theirs. My car has been losing oil left right and center, dealer tells me that they have no idea why it could be. Well by reading this site, I think it's pretty evident that they know what the problem is, they just don't want to do anything about it. Among the other problems I've had is a very irregular idle. This occurs when I'm stopped at a light, the engine will bog down to about 450 rpm then shoot back up. Dealer again said nothing wrong. When I brought it to the dealer for a rattle coming from the engine compartment I got 2 different answers. When the car was still under warranty I was told that it was nothing and not to worry. When I brought it back this morning (warranty is over now) I was told that it was a major problem and would require a new engine. Now of course they also told me that the new engine would not be covered by warranty. Doesn't that sound convenient?

There a countless other problems I've, list is way too long to even begin to put on paper. Put it this way in my first 6 months I had 7 appointments at the dealer and 11 this "fixed" problems still occur.

A suggestion to any one looking to buy this car, DON'T!! It's fun it's fast, but the quality is not there and the support from Nissan is definitely not there.

15th Oct 2006, 17:50


The first time the engine went, I was told by the dealer I beat the car. That's why the engine went.

OK, the engine went again.. Same insulting speech from the dealer. You're racing the car, causing the butterfly screw to travel into the engine. I was blamed for the cars problems. On the net I discovered that many drivers have had this problem. 3rd time the screw fell free again, this time the dealer said no damage was done. How can this be? A piece of metal goes through a cylinder without doing damage. Yeah right.. I will seek legal action. My car has an extended warranty.

The subwoofer has blown out twice also.

Now there's a build up on the battery post. My dad says the car has a short somewhere.

I will get a new car from Nissan, and will contact a lemon law lawyer.

4th Jan 2007, 21:17

I purchased a 2006 Spec V in March with about 150 miles on it. I have to say I really love this car. It now has 25k in less than a year and I drive it like I hate it. I'm talking about grabbing 2nd and 3rd gear rubber, abrupt 90 degree corners at 50+, seeing how fast it hits 100, in general just infuriating everyone else on the road at least once a week. I also received the letter about the the oil consumption, which gave me a 100k mile warranty on the motor. It does not burn oil, the engine is perfectly quiet, and it handles perfectly. The only work I've had done is the stabilizer bar end link. I have complete faith in this car, but I just saw the pics and specs of the new Spec V and will make the trade very soon. I really feel for the folks out there having problems. I used to have a Hyundai (never again). I honestly think that there are just some bugs to work out with the QR25 engines. I have previously owned 3 other Nissans and loved them.

13th Jan 2007, 18:32

Class action suit.

I own a 2002 spec-v. I am from Montreal and I have had over 70 warranty claims. I am on my way of getting another replacement engine straight from Nissan. Number 5 or 6...can't count anymore. Anyhow I have lost to much time in the garage. calculate at least 9 hours every time the car goes in for a claim. 3 hours to verify. 3 hours to fix.. 3 hours to pick up car.. This all includes travel time. over 630 hours of work time lost. I am a professional so add it up and I ready to make my case real.

Me too I have had 3-4 radios. one amp. and more more emore...

9th Feb 2007, 07:27

I own a 2006 Sentra SE-R spec v, and I haven't had a single problem out of it... I have heard that Nissan worked out most of their bugs for the 06 lineup with the QR25. as hard as I drive the car I figured it would've died on me by now... I floor it every time I decide I want to, I've pushed the car at over 125 mph on several occasions, no problems.

21st Feb 2007, 18:05

Hi, I bought my VSPEC 04 from a local Nissan dealer in NEW YORK. For the first two years I was in love with this car. After 32,000 mile the car needed a new short block. Once I got the car back with a new short block, a week later I can hear a slight taping sound. Once again I brought it back to the dealer and told me there no noise in the engine. After 10,000 mile later the throw out bearing went. The dealer told me it a wear and tear, not under warranty. That comment is understandable, I had to laugh at that because I been driving standard for a living from truck to cars. In Jan. of 07 I had the clutch and the fly wheel replace. In a month later my car broke down on the highway. I brought it back and the flywheel blew up and took the new clutch with it. I would love to get rid of it, but I don't need to get into a new 5 year bill with only a year and hafe left. Still confuse on what I should do next stay with it or trade it.

1st Mar 2007, 13:31

I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R...I have had nothing, but problems from the day I drove it out of the lot with 17 miles on it. I was told that the engine needed to 'wear in' and that's why I was having trouble with it starting the first try... now out of warranty they want close to 500 to fix a know fuel pump issue...let's see I have replaced...computer, fuel pump, catalytic converter on the motor, stereo, every month expensive oil changes because I am burning oil because I must not know how to take care of my car, and on and on and on... and yesterday my car almost caught on fire which I am now told..."is a common problem with the converter problem on the motor"...WHAT!! are you kidding me!! We need a class action lawsuit people... they are still putting similar built vehicles on the road... this is unacceptable!