20th Oct 2010, 02:36

Well I am located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I see all of theses posts... I have driven Honda Accords before this, so I am rethinking about buying one of theses things due to the overwhelming negative responses and costly repairs...

2nd Jun 2011, 09:11

I just bought a beautiful 03 spec V. It has a brand new motor in it with about 3k on it, the car has 118k on it.

I'm in the process of removing the pre cat and installing after market headers and also checking my butterfly screws.

Honestly I have no complaints about the car. I love the car a lot and don't care what anyone says. Just take care of your car.

14th Jul 2011, 18:42

Fixed the problem with my 02 Altima 2.5 and 03 Spec V 2.5. Changed the camshaft and crankshaft position sensors. Same sensor for both about $25 each. Takes about 45 minutes with a 10 mm deep socket.

2nd Nov 2011, 10:38

My brother bought a 2004 Sentra Spec V. Nothing but problems at 95000 miles; already went to 2nd tranny, and now the motor is burning oil like crazy, and of course the dealer doesn't know anything about it. It misfires sometimes. I'm almost ready to go to the wrecking yard and scrap it, so if own one, try to get rid of it please...

9th Jul 2012, 14:44

I own a 06 Spec V with 43000 miles on it, and don't have any problems with it. I have had a ton of aftermarket stuff done to it, and I drive with the pedal to the floor wherever I go. You people just need to take care of your cars.

15th Feb 2013, 14:51

I'm located in Maine, and I have a 2003 Nissan SER V-spec Sentra, and just hit 159000. I haven't had any problems since I got it. The guy before me blew the throttle body and that was his own fault. Besides that, it's all original.

The car is running just like new. I run all synthetics and take care of it. That's all that needs to be done, and the car will keep pushing on.