19th Mar 2009, 12:46

Yeah right, that's not true, I have had my 03 and had no problem. Yeah I had 5 grand, and so I put it into the car; intake, chip, exhaust, and turbo, no problems at all. I think you guys just don't want anybody else to buy these cars because all of people are buying them because they're awesome.

24th Mar 2009, 10:14

I've had a 02 Spec V for 5 years and 105,000 miles and the only problems I've had, I've encountered in the last 6 months. Those being the throwout bearing and the power steering pump are wearing and need replaced. I was in the military and drove my car in every climate all over the country, doing routine maintenance as called for. I think that most of these problems are people mistreating their car and treating every stoplight like a drag strip.

14th Apr 2009, 18:43

I bought my 03 Spec V in January 07 with about 80k on it, put about $1600 in it, DC headers, Greddy cat and AEM cold air. Ran it around pretty hard for a while, and put on about 13k miles in about 6 months driving from central Texas to Albuquerque, (1500 miles round trip). Never had a problem with it until now, when I'm trying to sell it nonetheless. I'm pretty sure it's a bad fuel pump, due to the fact that they normally start to go bad around 100k, but other than that I've loved this car since day one. I really don't need one anymore though, it's not that practical for my uses and it will be missed greatly... It's sad to let go of such a reliable vehicle in these unreliable times.

14th Jun 2009, 20:59

OK, first of all this is the very first time that I have ever written any views. I know many people are having the hard starting problem. I have a 2006 SER SPEC V, and did not even notice the hard starting. My problem was the gas gauge went out. Still under warranty, they replace the unit inside the tank. I had asked them to replace the fuel filter as the same time since it is inside the tank. Well the whole unit is the valve, filter, and gas gauge. That is when they found the valve not working properly. Once I started her up the first time, since the repair, I noticed I did not have to have the key on that long. Before the repair, I had notice a little less power from the time I bought it (new). Now the power is bake. So for all of you that are having a problem I would get the valve checked, and have the filter replaced. Might take a day or two since they have to drop the tank and look inside. Hope this helps everyone else.

18th Jun 2009, 13:22

I have an 03 Spec V approaching 96,000 miles. I've had it a couple years now. I have a cold air intake and a Kensai exhaust. I drive this thing like it's on fire. It doesn't leak or burn a drop. It starts fine, but does idle a little rough at lights when the AC is on. I hope these comments are not a list of what is in store for me. I hope to get it turbo'd in the next year.

10th Jul 2009, 13:39

I've had my 06 Spec-V for three years. Bought it new, got cold air intake on it, headers (megan) easy to install your self, and a muffler.

The car makes really odd noises (not the motor) but the actual car frame, but other than that it's been good to me, but keep in mind I pamper the damn car 91 fuel with mobil 1 synthetic.

No problems on it, the car has 30,000 miles on it now.

Since I put the headers in, the SES light comes on, tried the spacer thing, didn't work for me, gotta try something else.

Does anyone know where I can get a high flow cat for it? and no it doesn't sound tight with headers on it, it sounds like a rice rocket, and is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the car has bad gas mileage? Not horrible, but not great. I thought it being a four banger it would get better mpg than my Mustang GT.

20th Aug 2009, 16:00

Wow so many different problems. I've got a 03 SpecV new and haven't put that many miles on it over the years (40,000) Still original motor but it got a header @ 2,500m. But I've been thru power steering racks, injectors and about 8 other little things. I switched to Mobile 1 before it hit 4,000 and added a bottle of Zmax; that may be the only reason it still runs at all. If this motor goes I'll be doing a swap. Does anybody else wave suspension noises?

27th Aug 2009, 17:01

I have an 03 Nissan Spec V and I'm on my second motor!!! Burning oil 1st, then I bought another motor, and now the head gasket, radiator and other things went out. It's an around town driver for me, not a race car, and I'm so poor because I still owe about 10 grand on the car.. what to do, what to do. Just wanted to warn other people!

17th Sep 2009, 20:44

I have an 02 SER with an auto tranny. Got her 3 years ago with 34K miles and now have around 86K. Have had a couple of problems, but have gotten really lucky so far.

First was when I was leaving a buddy's house and the car wouldn't start. Turned over fine, but never start. Turned out my ECM died with no warning or signs at all. It was at 76k and the warranty on the ECM is 80k. So other than my mechanic and towing fees, I got the work done for free.

Had replaced the crankshaft sensor, and replaced the camshaft sensor for the hell of it.

I know the QR25DE is known for killing itself, that's why I cruise with an automatic. I'm not giving the 02 Sentra SER any good reps because I don't really think they are great cars, but I do enjoy mine when she's working.

I do have hard starts sometimes, but that's a flywheel issue. And once I didn't drive her for a week and had to crank her 8-9 times before she started.

I do drive her hard, and sometimes open her up, but again I have an auto so I'm not ripping her a new one when I do.

Only done a short ram intake and motor mount inserts, and I'm about to relocate the knock sensor (due to inserts causing vibration while idling in drive, my RPMS start fluttering at 500 and she starts idling rough) and might get a Nismo intake to replace SR for better air.

So all in all, I'd give this car a 3 out of 5. like her looks and her curves (the way she drives) but her get up and go is laughable. Like a fatty that got liposuction, she may look like she's in good shape, but make the $#%@^ run a mile and she'll be puking out her stomach staples...

BTW - for those that may have overlooked the fact, ONLY use premium gas with these engines... Not reg with octane boost or any of that crap, it makes a difference.