24th Apr 2006, 22:25

Blown tranny's not not something that are obscure-in fact jeeps are notorious for it, but you say after 1000 miles of owning it, but how many did it have in total? if it had 300 000 km on it, no wonder.

As for axles it depends on how you drive it, and just be glad it only cost 65, For most domestics a new axle is over 200 dollars.

As for wiper, its usually as simply as a connecting arm falling off, simply take off the cover and reconnect it. or maybe the splines are sheared, again, just need to be replaced.

I find it amusing you mention the ac/heater. my bosses car is exactly the same. might be just a wiring problem, like the connectors aren't making true contact.

As for dash lights, the bulbs and fuses can be fine, maybe its short circuited. Two wires melting together and short circuiting is not an uncommon event.

Transmision shifting: Replace transmission fluid, and there is a fluid out there specifically designed for hard shifting, though the name escapes me. But I know its specifically designed to act as a lubricant between gears to prevent hard shifting.

Exhaust leaks are common, broken manifold bolts, or a rusted out section (it is 12 years old-comeon) will do just that.

All in all, your problems are normal, only they just happened to happen all at once. I've come across all of these problems and I just fix them and move on-and they never trouble me again.

7th May 2007, 23:15

Dear friends,

Frankly, I am a Nissanatic, yet I am not playing up with it.

My experience shows that normally it is hard to find wrongly designed Nissan, some minor problems might occurs, but no relation with the design. Simple efforts will fix it.

Especially for Sentra with poor mileage, it is against any law that my knowledge acquired.

Drive it smoothly and carefully and 40's mpg is easy.