8th Jan 2007, 01:43

In response to the entry on 11th Nov - re faulty glow plugs.

I had this problem and it took me ages to sus. It will not be the glow plugs or the relay. BTW the relay is situated behind the battery. The problem is the fuse! The fuse box is to the left of the battery and is a strange type of fuse rated at 100 amps. This threw me initially as I did a current check at the glow plug end and got a voltage as the relay triggered then no voltage as the relay closed. As it should be except that the voltage was 1 volt not 12! This is caused by the EMF from the coil in the relay, you are not putting enough voltage to the glow plugs - the fault was the fuse. Replaced the fuse and the ole bus runs first time every time now regardless of the weather.

22nd Jun 2007, 13:33

Just bought a 1996 2.3dl lx and I love it (so far! :D). Yeah its as noisy as a bus and custard skins across the land can sleep safely in their beds, but it's a great little car/van/thing so far :D.

Just wondering how much a new cam timing belt will set me back though!!!

21st Aug 2007, 07:28

Hi all, I have a Serena 2.0 TD FX Limited auto import. I have a problem with the turbo dumping its boost when the car is under load. It will drive along fine until you put your foot down, and then it will hiss and not stop until you lift off as per normal. The dealers are not very helpful, so any help you guys can give me would be very welcome


23rd Aug 2007, 16:20

I am replacing the head gasket and timing belt on a 1995 Nissan Serena Vanette 2.3D with the LD23 engine.

I am using the AutoData program to refer to, but have not found an illustration in the program which answers the following question. Is #1 cylinder at the front or rear of the engine block?

28th Aug 2007, 12:41

Just bought a 1992 FX Petrol 4WD in NZ for just $1,000, and have completed 3,000km so far.

Starter motor brushes burnt out, but no great issue, fixed within 24 hours for $150.

Runs great, is not noisy or slow for what it is, but a couple of questions please?

Drivers door has two window switches and a bigger switch - it does nothing, what should it do?

Also, the panel on the side door is ripped and I have the little inset plastic cover, with the mechanism diagram on it in Japanese - any idea what that's all about?!! I know it's an import, but I still can't read it!

Only other things missing are the two front bumper lights and two headrests - not bad for what to me is £400!

6th Sep 2007, 10:37

In reply to 21st August 2007.

The noise you hear is the same on my replacement engine. Took sometime to figure it out, but it is the wastegate on the turbo sticking.

When the wastegate sticks, the turbo over boosts and the safety valve on the right side of the inlet manifold (looks like big nut with a coin on top (points to rear of car), pull it and it's spring loaded).

To sort it, you need to free the wastegate flap. You maybe lucky and be able to just tap it and free it up. To do this find the trubo (passenger side) and there will be a metal rod that links to the rusty side of the turbo. Un-clip the circlip and release the road. The lever that is on the turbo elbow should move freely, but in your case you may find it does not. Try to move it by hand if not give it a few light sharp knocks with a hammer to break the rust. You should find it moves again. If this won't do it then you'll have to take the turbo off and clean the inside to smooth out the area where the flap is.

Hope it works out for you, but I have to take the turbo off on mine... : (

Also, for those of you having difficulties with exhausts, the rear box actually is the same as the UK SLX4x4. The rest is different though...

8th Oct 2007, 12:18

I wrote a comment on the 10th of November I think, about my Nissan Serena import. The problem was the glow plugs relay. It's in a silly place! Took us months to work out this problem and it was off the road all last winter. Now I've got it on the road I want to keep it there!

The glow plugs relay for anyone who's out there looking for the same thing is just on the left bottom side of the battery. You will have to remove the battery to get to it! I say it's in a silly place because although it's near the other relays, it is tucked away and because it's below where you fill the radiator up and the battery sits, it is going to corrode!!!

My poor cousin took the car apart trying to follow the red wire from the glow plugs to the relay! We tested the glow plugs and they were fine, and so was the wire that connected it to the battery via the relay. It was confusing because it showed a 12v on the end of the cable. My cousin cleaned up the old relay contacts and tried that, it did send a charge, but only just and not enough to charge the glow plugs. He happen to have a Land-Rover relay in his car, which he re-wired to it to try to see if that was the problem and it worked 1st time! Glow plugs are heating at last and car starts beautifully in the morning!

Today, my speedo stopped working altogether!!! Now don't get me wrong, I love this car, but it also does my head in!!! I love driving it and I love the fact that I can separate my kids in it, plenty of room and I can use it like a van when I need too! It went through the MOT with only the front brakes needing doing! I thought a car that age would need a lot more! Anyway I love this car, I don't care that people say it's like a bus more than a people carrier. I have to drive it! I just wish now that I have the early morning starts sorted, I could just have some peace with it!!!

30th Nov 2007, 09:35

I have a Nissan Serena 1991 CD20T japan import. I need a climate control or rear aircon remote control. Please if you have a schematic diagram & have a spare remote control I will buy it from you. email antontanhueco@yahoo.com.

13th Dec 2007, 17:26

I've bought a 1995 Automatic Serena with the CD20T engine. It had shredded its main cam belt and, after replacing two valves and two lifters and fitting the head, I am figuring out how to time it. I rang Nissan Service and they simply told me there'd be timing marks on both belts and the pulleys. I found them on the top pulley and what may have passed for marks on the belt, but none on the bottom pulley. Has anyone here done the timing on their engine? I've probably missed something very simple. Any help would be great.