19th Jul 2003, 07:45

I purchased my Serena 1.6GX brand new in 1999. It was costing too much to run from a financial point of view. I shipped it to my regular holiday destination, Mauritius where I use it more economically because petrol is much cheaper over there. I miss my Serena. I think it is classy and I am happy with its performance. It is the most comfortable car a large family can have. It is a pleasure to drive. Seats are comfortable although I do agree about the heat coming from below the seats as the engine is located there. Engine noise is noticeable from inside the vehicle n not outside except if you have a diesel one.

6th Sep 2008, 04:28

I would like to say, I have 1994 Serena diesel LC 1960 cc van. It is comfortable van compered to others. It gave me several problems including over heating of engine. I dismantled the engine found that combustion gas pass through gasket to jacket water side, resulting pressuring the water system & overheating the engine. I did cylinder head facing and box up with new gasket. Now it is running with good performance.

22nd Feb 2010, 05:48

SERENA 2.3 D OCCASION.. I bought this car a month ago.. The engine is a little under responsive, and has a large fan bolted to the block, which wasn't necessary as radiator has two electric fans.. This decreases fuel efficiency.. Room spacious and very practical for large family.. Overall quite satisfied, would recommend..

7th Mar 2010, 13:35

Hi, I have a Nissan Serena 2.3d year 2000. I thought it was just me with the windy days and the car all over the place. Had mine 2 years; bad bit is it rusts easy.

Just had split pipe and overheated. Fixed the pipe, doesn't overheat, but it has steam and water coming from where the head gasket is. Any ideas?