1994 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR 2.6L twin turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Legendary, in every sense of the word


Only problem I've had with the car is a split rubber coolant hose (just above the starter motor), which looked to be original, so I can hardly complain about that.

Other than that, the car has been 100% reliable.

General Comments:

I have wanted an R32 GTR since I was 15, and 6 years later I finally bought one. "Godzilla" is considered a legend, and it's well deserved.

Engine: I bought the car already modified with the usual mods; PowerFC ECU, turbo upgrade, injectors, cam gears, exhaust etc. The car makes 300Rwkw (400hp) @ 18psi on a stock motor and is an absolute rocket. Running high boost with thrust bearing turbos does make for a fair bit of turbo lag, boost comes on OK from 3000rpm, but once over 4500rpm, it goes mental all the way to rev limit (lowered to 7500rpm because of the weak stock oil pump).

The engine is very smooth and can take a beating. Nissan spared no expense when it comes to the motor; it's very advanced for its time. With a 4" exhaust system, the sound is honestly amazing. Who says turbo motors don't sound good. Then there's the GTR's party trick; the launch. Rev it up to 5-6,000rpm, slip the clutch, and the acceleration will suck you right back into your seat (a lot of fun with unsuspecting passengers). On the down side, fuel consumption is rather high, the car has a 70L tank and it lasts about 300km if you're giving it some stick on a regular basis. But you don't buy a GTR for good fuel economy.

Handling: I dare say the car's capabilities are far greater then mine. My car has many suspension modifications: Tein Coilovers, sway bars, strut brace and urethane bushes. It's very stiff and sits very low. The car also has 18" rims with 255/35/18 P-zero tires on it. In the dry the car is awesome, hugs the road and is very predicable. You still feel like you're driving the car; it doesn't do all the work for you. DON'T assume that Atessa (GTR 4WD system) will save you no matter what; I have spun the car twice once in the dry and once in the wet; both times entirely my fault. I do wish it came on a little earlier, you have to push pretty hard round a corner for the system to send power to the front, but overall a great handling car.

Brakes: Standard calipers with slotted rotors and after market pads, and they are strong considering the age of the car. They are enough for street use, and for the power level the car is at.

For the street it's about as much car as you will ever need, and taking into consideration the purchase price of only $19,000aus, the GTR rightfully earns its reputation. Performance 9/10.

Interior: Is pretty good for a early 90s Nissan, but don't expect anything too flashy (to be honest, I rather like it). The important parts; seats, steering wheel, gear shift, cluster and pedals, are all excellent. I particularly like the pedal positioning; great for heel toe shifting.

Maintenance: If you can't change oils and perform basic maintenance (changing disc, pads, drive belts, spark plugs), I probably wouldn't buy a GTR. I change oil and look over the car every 3,000km. I've changed rear pads and discs as well as coolant, and I'm looking to changing the spark plugs soon. Reliability is excellent, but upkeep is high; you have to spend money to save money in this case.

Living with it: I use the car as my daily drive; it's noisy, very stiff and drinks fuel, but I love it. To most people, I would recommend it as a weekender (I rated the comfort mark low because it really isn't comfortable to drive, but that's my own doing with stiff suspension and a weighty clutch), but after a year of ownership and 15,000km on the clock, I still can't resist driving it everyday. I have no plans to change anything on the car, or have any intention of selling it.

Long live Godzilla!

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Review Date: 18th October, 2011

1994 Nissan Skyline GTS 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Outstanding value for the money


Only problem has been head gasket and water pump. Both were diagnosed early and repaired very efficiently.

General Comments:

The car is a standard four door non turbo. Performance equates to say a BMW 323. Reliability is excellent and the car though 14 years old is in top condition. There is no bodywork rust, and if you seal the chassis on entry to the UK, it will remain as new.

I only paid £2k for the car!!!

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Review Date: 29th January, 2009