11th Nov 2001, 23:32

Yeah, my mate's onto one at the moment. I LOVE them :-)

4th Jun 2002, 02:58

My mum bought a 86 GX sedan, my dad bought a 87 GX wagon, and then I just had to buy a 86 GXE wagon. I've always said, Skyline's were way ahead of their time. The interior and smooth driving is better than most modern cars these days and for about $20,000 less.

What I've notice from having 3 in the family is that no skyline is a like. They have differences in power, noise levels inside when driving and power steering.

But all handle excellent, not to promote fast driving, but if you accelerate hard around the corner they hold the line and don't slide sideways excessively.

A final comments, WOW it's a great feeling when you can beat sports cars at the lights.


Melbourne, Australia.

30th Oct 2002, 16:23

When I first got my '86 G X E SKYLINE I never thought it would be such a powerful machine.

It only has done 140k and the engine is in perfect conditions, not to say that the interior is great. I was lucky that the last people that owned put a few nice things in it, like cruse control.

As people say it handles great, and as being my first car I could be any happier.


Mel, Australia.

11th Feb 2003, 02:17

Hey, I have a 87' GX skyline. And it boots like nothing else, I get the wheels spinning on every turn if I want it to. And I goes really fast. I got it up to 120km/h up a hill with 4 people in the car and 4 school bags. I really recommend this car and it is really comfy and has good steering. The stereo is loud for a car of it age with out distorting till its on full and the song has heaps of bass. 10/10 for that year of car.