14th Sep 2004, 11:01

Hey, my mate has just bought a four year old R34 Skyline GTT. He says it is one of thirty or less in the whole world. It is a V-Spec 2 Nur Edition, and he paid close to 80 thousand pounds for it. It's fully tuned by Nismo and HKS, its top speed is over 200 mph, and it's now worth over a 100 thousand.

I have searched the whole Internet for info on this car, but it's as if the car doesn't exist.

Does anyone have any info on it at all? I'll be having pictures of it soon so I'll show you all. She's Bayside blue with white 18 inch wheels, and is a real monster.

Thanks, Ryan.

21st Jan 2005, 20:48

My good friend says that he can get me a skyline r34 gt-t for $15000, legally. Is that good?

28th Jul 2005, 21:15

Careful with raising boost on the factory turbos. I know that the R33 skylines use ceramic turbos, and if these are boosted above 12-15 psi the compressor wheel can shatter and end up going into your engine. I don't know however if the GT-T turbos are made of the same material, if they are then definately replacing them with steel or titanium turbo's, it's the way to go. Or get a custom hybrid turbo made, this uses your factory housing with different internals.

Getting a aftermarket ECU or piggy back chip is also a must. Recently here in NZ a performance shop in Auckland acquired the necessary gear to tune the HKS F-CON V ECU's.

So I better start saving :-)

Also modifications to the ECU have one "unfortunate" side effect. They disable the 190 KPH speed limiter, oops :-)

My 97 GTS 25T-M got a K&N filter put in it a few weeks ago and it definately made a difference. The sound of the air getting forced into the engine is also awesome. Sounds like a vaccuum cleaner under the hood.

6th Aug 2007, 01:50

Been driving a GTT for about 9 months and must its an absolute joy. have made a few basic mod's and currently producing 320HP+. have had no issue whatsoever with the engine and consider this as my best car ever having driven various performance cars over the years.

13th Dec 2007, 23:05

Hey Guys.

I have had an R34 GTT for about 3 years and I love the car. I have never had any problems with it and it drives like a dream. I don't ever want to sell this car. They are amazing.


1st Nov 2008, 20:18

With regard to the R34 GT-T, they DO use ceramic turbo's.

Although there a little better than the R33'S they still blow real easy once you turn up the boost.

The ceramic blades shatter and end up stuck in your cat which also needs replacing.

If your going to up the boost keep it well under 1 bar, although I'd still recommend replacing the turbo.

3rd Feb 2009, 08:47

Yep I've had my R34 GTT for nearly a year now and I can't wait for the winter to finish so I can get it out and about :)

They are a great car and worth the cash.

Get them now while you still can! They made a lot less R34s than they made R33s!

23rd Feb 2009, 13:07

I own a June 1998 black Nissan Skyline R34 GTT 5 speed manual. I've only had it 8 months and it has just turned 25,000 miles, that can all be verified! It is a stunning head turning example and it feels and drives like a brand new car with no knocks, creaks, bumps or bangs whatsoever. This is my total pride and joy, and I make sure people are aware of that too!

Performance with elegance and style, not just any car, it's a NISSAN SKYLINE.

19th Apr 2009, 16:43

I think your mate means the GTR V Spec 11 Nur. It is expensive, but £40k less than what he says.

A very nice car overall, now can picked up for 6k+.

29th Jan 2010, 15:16

Hi guys, currently looking at a R-34 GTT tiptronic... my preference is the R33 GTR, but this car is in immaculate condition, so it's hard not to take interest... Seriously guys, GTR or GTT, I love GTRs, just they seem rare to get a standard good condition...

BTW, regarding a previous post about Novas; I have beat many Skylines in my Nova 2.2l 16v running at 260bhp; it was a pocket rocket... I miss those days, time for a Skyline, so GTT or GTR?

17th Mar 2010, 21:30

Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new car soon. I LOVE the Skyline, but I've never driven one. SO my love is based purely on looks and critics. I was wondering should I get an R34 GT T, which is about 18k, or a 200SX or Supra???

16th Jun 2010, 21:05

I bought a black 1998 Nissan Skyline GT-T a couple of weeks ago, and am still so impressed with each ride. I'm completely mad over it, and it lives up to its reputation - the masculine looks, ruthless performance, the awesome RB engine sound, the reliabilty (yes its pretty decent on gas depending on how you drive it). Its almost a RWD GT-R at a fraction of the price.

13th Aug 2010, 08:11

Hey guys, I've had my R34 GT-T for over 5 years now, and it's been the best car I have had or driven. Had no problems so far, and it's in great condition... Anyone who is thinking whether to buy or not, I would definitely suggest it over the S15 or the Supra, although they are very good cars too, but the R34 is a step above... ;-)

5th Sep 2010, 11:55

Hey guys, I'm just wanting to know if anyone knows how many 1999 R34 Tommy Kaira GTTs were produced?

27th Mar 2012, 06:18

I've had my Skyline GTT Series 2 for 4 years now. No real issues.

The Series 2 seats have silver middles that stain with a drop of water and suck. You can clean them, treat with Scotchguard, and they still stain with water!!

Replaced the factory sat nav TV pop up screen with an aftermarket system.

The car is a go kart with balls; a point and shoot type of car on factory boost!! The car is tail happy on wet roads, and will put you in the trees in a heartbeat with traction control off in water!!

Things I hate about it:

Seat don't go back far enough.

With the sunroof there's no headroom (I'm 6'2").

Eats tyres, since most run staggered fit wheels aftermarket. Driving sane, they last just over a year with alignment each time. 10+ inch wide tyres on the back, and it can spin them in third on dry roads on boost!!

Speedo 180 replaced with Nismo 300kph model. Pretty sure it would do it easy. Nistune ECU on 10 lbs of boost, and now it's a rocket ship.

357hp at wheels, 503nm of torque, and had to shut down 1000 rpm from the red line; the ceramic cat failed.

Rides like a dump truck with coil overs from Japan; too stiff, and causes traction issues on bumps.

The chassis is stiff, and it goes up on two wheels on drains like a teeter-totter. But I run chassis stiffeners too now, to make it even stiffer.

Engines can blow rings and turbos easy on poor tune or excessive boost. 10-12 lbs is safe if you don't flog it on the limiter nonstop.

Must run 98 octane, not e85, unless you redo the plumbing.

Nissan electronics fail easy, connections corrode quick.

Had a Supra and other high power cars, but this one is not boring. The Supra is more dependable and has a more powerful 3 liter twin turbo, but the Skyline gets people looking and kids running behind you.

They say it's a chick magnet over any car in Australia? I agree, it attracts all. Worse; it attracts thieves in droves, and theft rates are crazy. Get an alarm and GPS tracker.

Police attention stinks too. If I was young, they would pull me over daily just to look, and mine looks stock compared to most!!

Buying a used one; check the forums for cars first, some are beat to death!!

The GTT is my baby, but I would buy a top spec GTR for investment; the R34, the last true Godzilla.

Wish it had the 6 speed on the GTT.

Cruise control, but it would be scary on boost, so doesn't make sense.

Parts are hit and miss, some can be rare from Nissan.

The price dropped a lot after GFC in 2009.

Insurance is cheap if you're old; not so much young.

Horrible car for beginners; it will bite you if you don't pay attention!!

Brakes are great with ceramic pads, not the race spec ones.

Fuel economy is OK if you're on the open road, and not flogging it.

A/C can make snow fall on 40C day LOL.

Mirrors are huge - swapped for Ganador carbon models.

100,000 service is pricey done right (1500-2000). Most cars will need bushings, hoses replaced by then.

There's a huge amount of go fast or good looking bits available for them.

600-1200hp + is doable with ease, and they're still street cars!!

Never selling mine!! But might buy a GTR too.

2nd Aug 2015, 13:06

It's probably a GTR, not a GTT, and they come in that midnight purple, and there are not many in the world; most people are paying over 80k for one, and some owners won't even sell it for over 100k, because it's that rare.