25th Oct 2002, 10:58

The Skyline is king? Pfffft... a well worked 200 will kill it.

Oh unless you're talking R32 GTR; those things are INSANE! But R33s are way too slow... especially the V-spec.


Some Aussie Drongo.

7th Dec 2002, 19:53

What is the previous bloke on about?? Yeah, a seriously worked 200 SX would kill it, but the "standard" Skyline wouldn't be to far behind! Now if you tuned and played around with the Skyline, then it would obliterate anything on the road... no question. Oh, and before you start shouting about Lamborghini's and Ferrari's, it would kill them too. These GT-R's are renowned for 1000+bhp in Japan, hell we even have one in this country (UK).


28th Oct 2003, 20:14

Put a supercharger on a Z06 and it'll blow away any import ever produced.

19th Apr 2004, 14:56

This dude has a point a ZO6 is in a league of its own and for all of us unlucky kids in the United States its way more cost efficient. Since its about 20 thousand US dollars alone just to get a skyline to the states. No disrespect to any skyline owners heck, I'm trying to get one, but I would have to agree with the post above.

27th Jul 2004, 07:19

Fast in a straight line is one thing, but the skyline is all about power WITH poise. its not a dragster, and for my money you supercharge your z06 all you like, but it will still handle like a sponge. on a track a standard skyline will murder a vette. and I bet if you tuned the same cars and sent them round again the skyline would destroy it again. straight line speed is useless if you can't stick the corners!!

8th Dec 2004, 01:09

I bloody agree with 'ol ROSS!

22nd Dec 2004, 04:16

Just wondering iff any knows iff r33 gts-t are 4 wheel steer?

13th Apr 2005, 09:33

No, it is not 4-wheel steer. It is 4WD. For a good 4WS car, try a prelude 2.2 v-tech. Good cars.. and very quick for a Non-Turbo!!!

Still, Skyline is my favourite. I dream of owning an r33 or r34 GTR.


27th May 2005, 04:12

To the previous guy, R33 GTS-Ts aren't four wheel drive at all, there just rear wheel drive. The only non GTR four wheel drive car is the non turbo GTS-4, which I have only head of being in a R32. Total respect to the skyline though, hopefully when I get my L plates I can be honoured to drive one, hopefully. Right now the Australian GTR-700 of Mario Tobarac is running 1400Hp and 8.2 sec quarters. Hopefully it'll break the record of the HKS R33 GTR in Japan that's running 7.67 second quarters.:)

Hommage to the Skyline!

27th Jul 2005, 08:46

I had a couple of Skyline GT-R's one after the other when in the UK. When you have (or rather had) a rural pile, guys going abroad or inside tended to ask if they could leave their car with you. So my tip for what it's worth is only consider a V-spec. The cooking version is really dangerous in the handling department. You lift off in a corner, and it's understeering itself off the road. The four-wheel steering takes a bit of getting used to as you tend to cut the corner. If you're starting over and need to impress a sushi chick half your age it could be worth considering, but you're paying through the nose for looks and glamour.

31st Aug 2005, 17:29


I own a 1995 R33 GTS25t here in OZ. It's impressively smooth, quick, and no complaints here! However only one thing has me wondering... The compliance plate reads GTSvi as does a sticker on the rear of the car. I've searched the web exstensively yet to no avail. Do any Skyline fanatics out there know anything of this GTSvi? When I imported the vehicle I was informed that it is the in-between of the R33 GTS25t and the GT-R. Meaning the GTSvi was the "GT-R" so to speak, prior to the actual GT-R release in 1995. keeping in mind that both cars were released in 95. Any information would be appreciated.


21st Dec 2005, 21:36

Hey Guys I just Purchased a 1995 nissan skyline R33 Turbo. and I'm itching to take it for a spin I purchased it today except I'm not getting it for 2 days ahhh I'm so excited. Hapyy Driving guys.

2nd Jan 2009, 00:32

Hello, I have recently bought a Nissan R33 GTR V-Spec, and I love it. They are extremely quick and handle very well, but I was just interested to see if anyone knew anywhere in Japan that sells good quality parts? As all the places where I live are far too expensive.

3rd Sep 2009, 11:54

I am going to look at a Skyline GTS non turbo soon... Can anyone tell me the bhp on them plz???

13th Jan 2010, 20:06

I also own a 95 GTS-T 5 speed in the north east section of the USA. Dude, if you're buying a Skyline, buy one with a turbo and a stick shift.. a Skyline non-turbo is like a tiger without teeth, get the picture.. turbo turbo turbo, once you're hooked, you will never go back..

6th Jul 2011, 11:07

Why not buy a non turbo and throw in a V Spec engine in her. Class 2.0 on book (pink slip etc), cheap insurance and road tax :D Strip her out, and the best thing to do is put in an HKS turbo and a HKS F CON ECU. Some NOS will give 200 per cent more bhp.

Never mind your exhausts and air filters, which combined will only give 5-10% bhp.

7th Jul 2011, 16:50

You may as well not insure it at all though?! It's not legally taxed and insured if the info doesn't match up to the car; you'd be breaking the law, and if you should ever have an accident, you could end up with a big bill that your insurance won't cover.