9th Aug 2002, 19:44

Well it may be a little known fact. However Distributor Caps should be replaced every 30,000 miles! So for you to get 120,000 miles from yours is amazing. Perhaps you may be better suited to a new vehicle. The key to running an older vehicle is lots and lots of maintenance, this is granted very time consuming. Yet this is the cheapest form of motoring.

27th Nov 2002, 17:49

I concur, with Steven. I have purchased a 92 Nissan Stanza and from day one, nothing but problems.

1st it was the radiator. A month into use. That should of been a sign from God to push the eject button.

Let me if I can remember, Mounting Blocks, Transmission, Gasket Crack, Distributor Cap, Light Switch, Electrical wiring, leaking oil. And the only reason why I am on this chat, was I am looking for a reasonable starter. I dumped too much money into this car. I paid for it three times already. With in a two year time frame!

So Steven, you are not alone my friend.

Val (valparamo@hotmail.com)

5th Jan 2003, 09:19

I am considering buying a 1993 Stanza 2 Dr - it has passed emissions and state inspection - It has had the a/c rebuilt to accommodate the newer anti-freeze - Has new brakes, alternator - Noted brown spots under hood (wondered if rust) owner said it had been steamed clean - will need to get new rubber tubing around trunk and passenger door - It has 147,000 miles on it and isn't impressed with Nissan - (I had a Datsun years ago that I liked) and told me it would not be a good buy - Owner is selling for $1500.00 - Am spoiled by Mitsubishi's and my Beretta with 250,000 is starting to leak a little oil - I do need advise with from folks with Nissan experience -

12th Dec 2010, 18:30

I bought my 1992 Stanza, only to find that it needed a fuel pump about two weeks in. Luckily it can be accessed under the rear seat. Then I replaced the distributor cap, then the flex pipe went. I could go on and on.