22nd Feb 2003, 10:44

I would suggest checking your timing chain and its tensioner. I had the same problem and my engine blew very sooner after because of a faulty plastic guide. This could lead to a very serious problem, complete engine rebuild with new oil pump and head plaining cause if your timing jumps, your values will be out of sync.

11th Apr 2003, 14:53

We had the timing chain blow at 60,000 miles also! We checked the factory TSB (tech service bulletin's) and found they had one for a faulty chain tensioner. We had one month on extended warranty and get them to replace the engine only after we mentioned the TSB. Otherwise it has been a great car and now has 159,000 miles and still going strong. Still has original exhaust system!!!

2nd Sep 2003, 12:44

You may want to check your transmission mine just went on my 92 Nissan stanza and your problem sounds about the same.

8th Oct 2003, 08:54

I have a question about the speedometer. On my 1992 Stanza the speedometer gets stuck at zero when the car is at higher speeds for instance highway driving. This happens especially when on a slight corner. Then for no apparent reason it jumps up to indicate the speed. So far it hasn't affected the car's performance, but should I be worried?

1st Dec 2003, 21:00

Man holy crap, my car does the exact same thing, and I'm not kidding, but mines automatic. it buckles at 2500 rpm, that is so weird. my mechanic keeps giving me a list of crap that it might be, but I don't know. he changed my fuel filter and it didn't help, I was out 50 $ with a crippled stanza still. but I'm gonna fix it. my speedometer AND odometer does that exact same thing. its gotta be something stock wrong with the car. my mechanic also said it might be a contaminated fuel tank or pump. but I just think hes trying to rip me off so I'm doing it myself. other than that, the car is great, clean. it needs, a new CV boot, needs the motor mounts replaced, its rolling around, but not bad. um, but it's a good car, great gas mileage. I'm gonna get my car fixed whether I have to do it myself. I'm gonna be a mechanic anyways so yeah.

1st Jan 2005, 16:02

Same here, my '92 stanza bucks at 2500 rpm. The speedometer freaks out occasionally and only bucks when the speedometer settles at zero. I try to let people know and they don't beleive me because it hasn't done it to them, I really need to find out what it is because this car costed me $2500. Frustrating really.

5th Jan 2005, 15:48

Well, I took my 1992 stanza in, I was told that the bucking problem at 250rpms was because of the speed sensrr, I sure hope that is all that's causing the problem.

15th May 2006, 00:08

After reading the comments, I'm having difficulty fathoming how this car/model-year constitute a "Dependable and Great Bargai.n"

17th Oct 2006, 23:39

I own a 1992 stanza Xe I love it. It is not bad on gas, fairly cheap repairs, but some parts are really hard to find used. I just had my transmission blow out on me while on the highway, this happened at 327,000kms.But other than the transmission the car will still idle at 750-800rpm at 7:00 in the morning when I start it. I really wish the transmission didn't blow. I don't want to repair such an expensive part. I'm gonna miss driving it.

IF YOU COME ACROSS ONE..........BUY IT!!!!!!!!!


16th Dec 2006, 19:44

I have a 1992 Stanza, the car has been great, no serious problems until today, was driving along and suddenly the engine started racing, and the car wouldn't go, guess the transmission went, no warning or anything, was working fine. Is currently at the mechanics to be evaluated, the cost of a transmission rebuild may place it in "Nissan Heaven".

The car did eat batteries and the brakes could have been better, but I got 15 years of reliable service with no major problems.

3rd Jan 2007, 23:15

I recently acquired a 1992 Nissan Stanza XE (automatic) from my parents, which they had bought from a dealer about a year before. So far, I have enjoyed the car's decent acceleration and the fact that not everyone else has one.

I began to smell gasoline when stopped at a light or in Park. Leaky fuel injector - got it replaced. Right after that, took it on a road trip across the state, and started smelling gas again. Had to go up to college, so didn't get it fixed until a week ago.. had all the rest of the injectors replaced. A friend of mine whose sister AND aunt both own Stanzas, as well as another friend of mine, said that it's normal for the injectors to need replaced at around 150k. Mine has 157k, so no surprise.

I also experience shaking when I am at an idle, which my mechanic claimed would stop once the injectors were replaced; however, it did not.

There is also "bucking" only when I am in Overdrive and going up a hill at about 60-70 mph (not sure what rpm, will check next time I'm driving).

My Stanza seems to be very loud. Not a puttering sound (such as an exhaust leak) but more of a faint "moaning" sound, which is worst at around 50-55 mph. My family complains about it, and my friend with the Stanza-owning sister and aunt said it seemed louder than theirs. I read in a review that they just ARE loud cars, and it's road noise, but I might end up checking to see if it's the CV joints or something of that nature.

However, being a poor college student, that will have to wait another several months, and for now I'll deal with it.

Anyone else have these problems?

9th Jul 2007, 00:18

I read in the manual that you should disengage the overdrive when driving up an incline. That is probably what's causing the bucking. That was the case with me.

9th Mar 2010, 12:49

I have a 1992 Stanza (automatic/original owner) - 287,000 kms

1) Replaced the injectors (smelt gas) a long time ago (actually it was the O rings that needed replacing).

2) Rebuilt transmission at 189,000 kms - still working).

Idle issues: Cheap/easy thing to do: I replaced the Distributor cap as I was having starting/idling issues. This seems to have helped, so don't overlook this - a cracked/old one can cause issues.

13th Mar 2010, 18:16

I just recently bought my 92 Stanza XE. I really like it.

The only problem that I am having with it is the other owner never maintained the auto trans, so it needs to be replaced. I cannot afford a rebuilt one, and haven't been able to find a used one.

Other than that, I wouldn't part with it.

21st Jun 2011, 15:03

I have a 92 Stanza. She is as steady as she was on the September day in the same year she stole my heart and some of my wallet!

Had a new engine put in at 197,000 because of some piston issues... other than that... She is the Chic. I gave my high school son my 96 Ford Explorer. I will keep my Stanza for one of my grandsons 2025... I am sure it will still be kickin'... VIVA LA NISSAN STANZA.

4th Apr 2013, 15:09

Had the same speedometer problem. Change your instrument cluster and this will solve your problem. The speedometer, believe it or not, controls your trans and fuel while running down the road!