5th Apr 2001, 09:05

We'll have to compare Apple for Apple. The comment is for a year 2000 Nissan Sunny. Manufacturing quality and standards may drop over the years. 10 years ago, Nissan may produce good car but today...???

31st May 2001, 20:44

I have a 97 Sunny, my point of view is that if you're buying a Sunny, you're buying it with the intention of getting a low priced reliable car and not a something like a BMW. So if you want a Sunny to be like a BMW, then I guess you'll have to pay the same amount of money for it. Don't expect to get a BMW look and feel for a Sunny price.

15th Jun 2001, 08:42

I disagree, I own a 1985 Nissan sunny DX and the car is like new.

My next car is going to be the Nissan Primera because I'm extremely happy with my Nissan. They're the best.

2nd Jul 2001, 05:11

Any comments for the 2001 version of Nissan Sunny 1.6 SS (A)?

30th Aug 2001, 02:40

Got myself a Nissan Sunny 1.5A...

Good value for money... for point A to B. Thumbs up after adding in leather seats. Planning to put 15" inch rims and will be perfect.

1. Not a powerful car... must be gentle on it. Didn't test drive 1.6A, cannot comment.

2. Aircon a bit noisy as compared to my 1990 model Nissan Sunny.

3. Suspension is too soft.

4. For the $$$ you are paying, that's what you are getting.

25th Jun 2002, 22:09

I have driven the Sunny 1.5Ex Auto for a year and decided to give up. The main problem is the petrol consumption is rather high (8.5km per litter). I have checked with few of my friends and realised it after the started to clock.

The power is expected as it is the auto gear. Road holding is good, good quality as well.

But I do not want it any more as I can't affort to pay more money for the petrol .

18th Nov 2002, 06:54

I've been driving the sunny 1.5 (A) for 2.5 years and it's reliable. The fuel consumption can't be 8.5km/l. That's sports car stuff! The worst case may be about 11-12 km/l (when pushed hard). Anyway, I agree the build is nothing great. But Jap cars have never been famous for build quality. On the other hand, they are outrageously reliable, which makes them popular considering our situation here. Which one will I go for in future? I guess a car's build quality don't matter a thing when it's not even reliable. Hopefully the Japs and Euros should work together to produce the ultimate car- great build and reliability!

4th Jan 2003, 03:46

The Nissan Sunny's 1.5 Ex Auto fuel consumption sucks! I've been driving the new car for 8 months and only managed 9.5 km/litre... This is terrible!

9th Jan 2003, 19:10

Bought new Nissan Almera in May 2000.Started to rust within a year. Dealer would only offer to scrape rust off and respray area, even though car was under warranty. Emailed Nissan- no response after 8 months. Dealer wants me to resell my vehicle to them at below market value and give me a $4,000 discount off a new one. Shame on Nissan Corp.

9th Aug 2007, 10:56

I have owned 2 Nissan Sunnys in a row. IMHO they are real value for money workhorses. Concerning fuel consumption; I have had no problem as I am using the 5-speed manual version and manage to squeeze about 13.5 km/l. I guess you have to learn to do some hand- and footwork to enjoy some petrol savings. :)

26th Apr 2009, 10:11

Nissan Sunny is a reliable car and lasting. The fuel consumption, though not as great as compared to others, for the price is good and the price difference can be used to offset another new car with very much higher price, with just albeit lower fuel consumption.

There is no point having a car without reliability that keeps on breaking down on the road, but has claims with fuel consumption. Reliability is important for those who treasure their car and keep on using it for years, especially over 10 years, but not important for owners who prefer to constantly change their cars before their warranty expires.

In my case I have 'tortured' my car by going a lot through rough bumpy terrain like an SUV at a great speed, and it has not given any trouble or broken down. It survives until now and I'm holding to it. Mileage already done >100,000Km. I do not look into resale value as I take only reliability as the sole factor. Other albeit noisy here and here to me is totally insignificant. I would recommend the car. It should be reliable so as to help to save the world and environment to prevent the waste of resources and further climate change.

OK, that's what I have experienced, and I continue to hold to the existing car.

7th Jan 2010, 01:05

I have a Nissan Sunny Super Saloon, and it's good and giving me good service. Am comfortable with the consumption. It all depends on the user and the treatment given to the machine. After all, every thing needs to be taken care of. Bravo to the users continuing to use this car.