2000 Nissan Sunny Super Saloon 1.6 from Singapore


No Nissans, never


Corrosion on the engine block.

Idle rpm has risen from 750 to 800.

Noise from the front off side suspension whenever the car is steered after having stood for a while.

Believe it or not rust! Yes, rust on the front right wing (the car is less than a year old); rust proof coating on chassis has fallen off; couldn't be sure if it was there in the first place.

Dash was made in a toy factory, China written all over it (cheap nasty plastics). Build quality?Maybe Nissan should buy that from the Germans. Bitterly disappointing.

General Comments:

Nissan, in Singapore, is selling very well so far this year. But believe me, the cars are shoddy. Nissan must seriously improve the build quality of the cars they make. They've been claiming that they are doing just that, I, for one, don't believe it. The agent in Singapore, simply put, is lousy.

Deplorable service, if you could call it service in the first place. Complaints are brushed aside and customers are made to look stupid. Think twice about a Nissan!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2001

15th Feb 2001, 12:29

At last someone else agrees with me.

18th Feb 2001, 12:21

I strongly disagree with you. My Nissan/Datsun's 21 years old, has never broken down and the engine runs as well as it did when it was brand new.

20th Feb 2001, 08:10

It depends on the driver... do not blame cars when they break when road hogs drive them... I have a Nissan too, and I drive it easily even at 5000rpm, and it does not have a problem...

At least for the last 9 years ;)

2000 Nissan Sunny Super Saloon 1.6 petrol from Singapore


Outstanding value for money


Front disc pads get a brownish oxide after washing the car! This results in a slight screeching noise. The brown oxide will rub off after driving and braking lightly a few times.

General Comments:

The best selling car in Singapore in 1999/2000. So spare parts are relatively cheap and widely available. A practical reliable family car that gets you from point A to B - but don't expect anything much more than this!

Plus points - silent engine, it is reasonably quiet below 4000rpm. Very smooth manual transmission box. The steering is very "meaty" and nicely weighted unlike most Japanese cars. One of the safer Japanese cars around as it scored "AAA" rating in the Japan NCAP crash tests. Body shell seems to be quite strong and rigid with no drumming of the panels heard.

Minus points - Suspension is not very composed over rougher roads and humps, as it lacks an independent rear suspension. Loud roaring tyre noise over certain sections of expressways and rough roads. This despite original factory fitted Bridgestone tyres being changed to Michelin MXTs. Lack of three-point rear centre seat belts, only has a rear centre lap belt. Cheap drum brakes for the rear wheels.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2000

14th Jan 2001, 22:57

Nissan Super Saloon 1.6 Auto is proberly the best value for money Japanese made car in Singapore at the moment due to the fierce competition in this category from the Corolla. By far, Nissan is a run away winner in terms of the overall package.

It has a very European cabin feel compared to other Japanese makes. Being a family saloon, I think that interior comfort is most important to me and hence I booked one for myself recently at SGD 80,500 incl. COE.

2000 Nissan Sunny Super Saloon 1.6 from Singapore


Expensive personal disappointment


Driver's door sealant, a bit came off.

Corrosion, rust on the engine block which surprisingly is made of iron not alloy.

Carpet that had to be cut to route wiring for the stereo wasn't patched back before delivery.

General Comments:

Nissan must be in big trouble. Cost cutting has made them go back to drum brakes for the rear wheels. The 96' models had discs all round. No instrument dimmer too. Curious rear suspension; beam axle, reminds me of a horse carriage. Hard plastics are used in the cabin; very cheap look and feel. Not very confidence inspiring. However nissan must be reliable and cheap to service as learner drivers torture them in Singapore more than any other make.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2000

9th May 2001, 23:05

Aren't Nissan Sunnys known to be good and reliable? I'm concerned as I have just booked one. There are mixed reviews about this car. A few dislike it like yourself, however most people I have spoken to really love it. Could it be that you were unlucky and received a bad one? Perhaps you should raise a big, big fuss and get some form of compensation as I believe that the agent will not want to lose the reputation of its top selling model.

4th Jan 2003, 12:35

I was shocked when I saw this comment and I still can't believe you own a Nissan Sunny. First make sure whether or not you own a Sunny. Ever since I was young I've been using Nissan and specially Sunny and most of my relations and friends currently use the similar model and they really love it. Nothing has gone wrong with any of these and now I own a 2000 Sunny and this is the hottest of the hot. I've tried the others, but no car satisfies me except this. The engine is creamy smooth and the performance is outstanding. The look is spectacular and it's a child's play to drive this car in any whether condition. Any force cannot entomb the prestigious image of sunny. This is the best car I've ever used and I proudly and strongly recommend this for everyday-use for anyone.

2nd Aug 2003, 08:38

Sad to say.. The Sunny is an over rated machine... when I traded to it from a 97 Mazda, the 1st thing that struck me was this car had absolutely no power!!! overtaking a G plate Suzuki 1000cc van already has it's fair share of problems.

The car that I got had it's driver side door lever broken after a year. The fuel consumption is horrible.. Handling was clumsy due to it's "new" multi link glitzy all hype rear suspension... coupled with soft springs, this car is a handling nightmare especially on winding pock marked roads.

The auto transmission is too widely spaced to make full use of whatever little torque the engine was making.. City driving is a chore as it was either in a gear too high. * tendency to short shift.

I will never buy a Nissan again!!