28th Sep 2001, 00:15

I am driving a Nissan Super Saloon 1.6 Manual.

I am generally satisfied with its performance, while one thing that makes me disappointed is the vibration at the speed 100km/h.

I have consulted many people and even sent it to a Nissan service center for wheel balancing a few times, but getting not much improvement.

Well, I normally don't drive so fast.

25th Feb 2002, 19:10

I have 2 manual EX Sunnys bought 1 month apart in 2001 and I discover each give different performances. The older car gives slower pick up with gear 1 and 2. Acceleration is lethargic. Also problem with the rear suspension. Gives squeaking sound when I get into driver seat or step out of car. No, I am not fat.

3rd Sep 2002, 03:55

My brand new Luxury Edition has terrible fuel efficiency... only 280km for a full tank. No I don't drive fast or go up Benjamin Sheares Bridge everyday. The agents say nothing is wrong, but I'm not convinced.

20th Jun 2003, 10:44

I've been driving the 1.5EX saloon for the past 5 1/2 weeks. It's a family car so the performance is not great... but having said that, I've found it very easy to spin the front wheels on a dry road, even with the a/c on. Without a/c, it is possible to do burnouts.

I've brought it up to 160km/h, with a/c, haven't tried it without switching on a/c.

Overall, it is a very comfortable car to drive in this price bracket, but the handling is a letdown, which is a pity because it has pretty sharp steering. Will be trying to switch to 16" rims with sport suspension and strut bar to see if this cuts out the body-roll and makes it better handling.

25th Jul 2003, 00:54

Just an update on the 1.6 SS Sunny (Manual) : the fuel consumption is terrible for a 1.6 litre engine. At best I have managed to get only 11+ km/L. At worst, only about 9+ km/L. Average is about 10 km/L with about 20,000+ km on the odometer. The engine is an antiquated design and this coupled with a relatively heavy body gives poor fuel consumption.

The new 2003 Sunny recently released in Singapore, seems to promise better fuel consumption figures as it has a new engine with Continuously Variable-valve Timing Control (CVTC). It's the same technology found in their new super 350Z sports car that costs around SGD$168,000+ here in Singapore. But with a huge 3.5L V6 engine, that car can only return at most 5 to 6 km/L fuel consumption figures.