18th Dec 2003, 11:45

OK, so my luck's finally running out. Changed the air filter the other day, and accidentally wiped some dirt into the carb air intake. Oh dear. Carb has since been stripped and rebuilt, and the car's running like a dream, but my wallet's feeling a bit lighter after the whole experience!

15th Feb 2004, 14:57

Considered getting rid of the car because of persistant poor running, lack of power and misfiring. However, a couple of hours spent cleaning plugs, distributor, and adjusting the carburettor idle speed has fixed everything!

The frequency of problems with this car has been fairly high, but so far (touch wood) they've all been relatively minor and easy enough to fix. Considering my mileage recently has been over 1000 a month, the quality and simplicity of this 14 year-old car is really showing.

14th Apr 2004, 14:23

Today the car passed its MOT - not a single fault. Not bad for a 14 year-old car that's kept outside and maintained by me!! The tester warned that the front pads hadn't got much life left in them, so I bought a new set for £10 and fitted them this afternoon! If only every car were this easy to keep running...

22nd Sep 2004, 16:29

Still got the car, mileage now up to 96,500. No faults as yet apart from an annoying squeak. No more expense apart from 4 new tyres, which is normal on any car!

25th Dec 2005, 04:08

Still got the car, has now got 110,000 on the clock. Starting to show its age with rust appearing, but still passes MOTs. Had endless problems with seized brake callipers - went through 3 sets of front pads in a year! Keeps going though.

17th Jan 2006, 10:08

Absolutely fantastic car!

Looks like crap (no babe magnet) but is more reliable than day following night.

Bought '94 LX sunny for £1400 in 2000.

(Spent all the money saved over the years on my hobbies).

Costs £40 every 5000 miles for oil and filter.

Changed water pump, thermostat and radiator after 100,000 miles.

Now at 140,000 miles and NEVER any trouble (plus I drive it very hard everyday).