1990 Nissan Sunny LS 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Superb, time will tell


Only had it one day so none!!

General Comments:

Purchased today, last owner for 14 years, says it all!

Nobody ever sat in the back I think.

New full exhaust and 4 new tyres.

12 month M.O.T 6 month tax, immaculate inside and out. New full exhaust, 4 new tyres and new battery and starter motor so worth £460 me think!

I agree it looks a bit boxy, but hey I've had a Volvo so that no problem hahaha.

Car done 59,500 miles and looks better than MUCH newer cars condition wise. It is so quiet and smooth to drive it is unbelievable!

I bought this cos my rover 214 blew its head due to a faulty thermostat sender, rendering it to scrap city (not viable to repair it)

I figured it more sense to buy the Nissan and run for a year. BUT after reading reviews on this site I guess I may be running this immaculate car for a long long time (touch wood)

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Review Date: 24th October, 2006

7th Nov 2006, 06:08

Just an update!!

Had the sunny a couple of weeks now, it is starting first time every time.

Only being doing shortish journeys, but have noticed it takes a long time to warm up, according to the temperature gauge and choke seems to be on a while, is this a trait for the car?? any feedback appreciated thanks.

Driving position is good and though no power steering its posing no problem to adjust to.

Little minor faults discovered- passenger door not locking/ unlocking on central locking so gonna take trim off and have a look around.

Back window opening VERY slowly to half-way, but think this just seized cos no one used it. I got 2 little ones in the back so not a problem!!

This not a fault, but I find the ignition key lock button a pain in the butt lol

Tried to swap stereo for my c. d player, but the cassette player refuses to come out!! Took console out, but the phillips screws holding cassette player just too tight, just threading, pulled console/cage out enough to see not ISO connections so put everything back together. I understand ISO connectors-adaptors available, but researching them discovered lighting problems due to no earth lead etc so any advice regarding this also appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Steve.

1990 Nissan Sunny LX 1.4 16v from UK and Ireland


Should be called the Nissan 'Bit Drizzly'


The courtesy light is not working now which means every time I open a door, the digital clock on the dashboard resets itself to 1:00!

The starter motor got progressively more lazy until the car wouldn't start any more. Cost £45 for a new one and 30 minutes on the shop forecourt to change it.

General Comments:

Power? What power? You are raving on about the car being quicker than an XR2 but my last car was a turbo diesel escort that was much quicker off the lights and in a straight line. Insurance group is similar too.

As for the handling, feels a little too nervous for my liking and too soft. Nice if you like a bit of comfort, but rubbish at corners. Hit a bump mid-corner and the back end starts to step-out.

Economy is nowhere near the TD Escort either 35mpg if I drive like an old man, but more typically 30mpg. The Escort would manage 45mpg+ even when being thrashed, which I did every day!

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

12th Apr 2006, 15:01

Bad for you, but I think you are a little bit a too hard for your car.

1990 Nissan Sunny LS 1.4 12 V from UK and Ireland


Top notch and value for money


This car is faultless!

It is always a first time starter and for its engine size immensely quick. The high revving engine makes neat work of rivals (even newer and larger engined cars). The G reg sunny has a 1.4 12 valve engine, I noticed it was very rare for any other manufacturers to make their cars anything more than 8V. Compared to any ford of the same era, the sunny outsrips the competition like for like. I have taken a 1.6 fiesta and beaten him hands down in acceleration, overall torque and maximum speed. Astonishing!

The engine also sounds so smooth and ticks over effortlessly. My last car being a rattly 1.1 Fiesta I could instantly tell the difference when I got into my new sunny. Now I know the Sunny looks like a box on wheels, that aside, inside is so spacious and comfortable that I cold almost be driving a Bentley! (well not quite!).

The Sunny did come to me rusty, but only on the doors so no problems for the next MOT. I believe these models to be high on rust, but if you look after them this shouldn't be a problem. If this is the 1.4, I can only imagine what the 2 litre GT will be like! Mechanically you can't put it to fault, the car does what it is meant to do; drive and stop whithout incident. It may look boring, but believe me the performance alone (for the price very cheap now) compensates for that. Highly recommend any Nissan.

General Comments:

OK the cars can be a little high on rust.

It is so quick I can even feel slight G force exertion in my 1.4 if it is pushed very hard!

Ultra reliable rice burner!

It does look a liitle cubic however! But this is no problem for me.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005