17th Jul 2007, 06:50

I'am thinking of buying the new Nissan sunny... can anyone tell me some details about the car because there is no website where you can find details.. please don't ignore.. and I would love to know about its horse power..thanks.

21st Jul 2007, 18:55

The new sunny 2007 appears to be perfect, 1600 cc gives maximum horse power 118 at 6000 rpm, I'm planing to buy new super salon next few days, it come with 2 air bags, C.D. changer in trunk, and many many options, if any one need the electronic copy of details please do not hesitate to contact me at my e. mail (mode1502002@yahoo.com).

For the one who hear sound when shifting fro P to D please try the following and see if you hear the sound or not.

1) Start your engine, wait till the RPM be under 1 then shift to D, the sound that you hear will disappear.

27th Jul 2007, 02:54

I bought Nissan sunny 2007 ex automatic. I have many comments, and I want someone from the maintenance to help me, actually I'm not satisfied with this car.

I want to speak with someone who represents Nissan motors in Egypt, my car has many weak points.

My e-mail is.


8th Aug 2007, 17:44

Well I am thinking to buy this Nissan Sunny Super Saloon. And I'd like to know about the difference between it and the EX Saloon version. Plus the performance in the matter of acceleration from 0-100km and max. speed.

15th Oct 2007, 05:43

Regarding the automatic gear sound; that happens to me, too, with my brand new EX saloon. What really bothers me is the power steering, which I feel is a little heavier than the Daiwoo Lanos I used to own, which really disappointed me. Is this normal?. Another thing to mention is that the driver car can't go further more backwards also in comparison with the Lanos.

In general, the car is excellent for its price.

27th Apr 2008, 05:48

I am thinking of buying a Nissan Sunny Super Salon assembled in Egypt. I own a Daewoo Juliet (model 2000), and it's fine but I wanted to upgrade to an automatic car. I'm just wondering what the weak points of the Nissan are. Thank you for your help.

14th May 2008, 16:08

I bought the Nissan sunny super saloon 2008, I guess it is the best in this price range, it is comfortable, wide, and elegant.

It has many luxurious accessories over the Ex-saloon, the rims, the CD changer, the extra storage compartments, the mirrors fold automatically,...etc.

I agree that the fuel consumption is a bit high but I cannot find any other negative remark about the car.

I was gonna buy a proton Gen-2 but I am sure I took the right decision!

6th Jun 2008, 03:50

Apparently there are no negative feedback about Sunny Super Salon but there are quite a few for the Sunny EX Salon.

Could any one kindly advise how the Sunny EX Salon Automatic compares to Chevrolet Optra Automatic?

P.S. both manufactured or assembled in Egypt.


20th Aug 2008, 05:18

Which is better in Egypt: Nissan Super Salon or Chevrolet Optra (both automatic)?

16th Aug 2015, 23:41

It's normal. It's a click noise that activates your gear to shift from P to any gear.