1994 Nissan Terrano II SLX 2.7 TD from Norway


The best


Changed the automatic front locking hubs to manuals. Much better, can change from 2WD to 4WD and back at all speeds now.

Starter motor changed at 220000km.

The heating in the left mirror stopped working.

General Comments:

All in all, the car has been extremely reliable. It always starts and gets you anywhere you want. Not the best fuel consumption, but you get it back in less service costs.

The engine doesn't use any oil.

The ride is a bit bumpy, but not noisy. A lot of cargo space. It's probably the best car I've ever owned (owned cars for 30 years).

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Review Date: 16th February, 2014

1994 Nissan Terrano II SLX 2.7 td from Portugal


Worthless piece of trash; a money-pit nightmare


Several problems:

Clutch pump seals failed at 130000km; all the clutch fluid went to drivers foot well - and it's very corrosive, I tell you! A new one was fitted. (Approx. 200€ including work)

Clutch has developed a noise, whenever you try to pull away in 1st or 2nd gear; very annoying.

After this, gearbox mounts were "clonking".

Gearbox broke down at 138000km. Won't be fixing it. It will go to the scrape yard. A reconditioned one will be fitted. (+ - 1500€ including work.)

Front Diff is "grabbing" the left-side wheel. When you turn right, the wheel simply does not follow the direction; I believe that's the diff coupling that is broken.

Smooth gear change, except in hot and when moving from 2nd to 3rd.

Brake servo leaked. Fitted a new one.

Brake pads (front) wear very quickly (20.000km)

Hand brake out of order very soon.

Heater blower was off duty, as long as the cabin ventilation only operated in the 4th speed. Got it fixed.

Air conditioning does not work, due to an R134a fluid leak at the condenser. Too expensive to fix (over 400€...)

Lights went on and of; blinked; etc. Poor earth connections. Got it cleaned and re-attached.

The cabin materials are the cheapest; very bad assembly and poor material quality. Has a lot of noises, especially at bad surfaces. Lots of plastic garments broke or scratched. (door trims; door sills; dash mounts; a/c panel mounts...)

Dash lights are very weak. During night time driving, the blue light which illuminates the dash is not up to the job.

Trunk leaked.

Headlights are very weak.

Parts are incredibly expensive trough Nissan dealer's (mud flaps - 65€!!)

Engine always started at first attempt; no oil or water consumption.

Fuel average is about 11 liters per 100km.

No rust signs whatsoever.

General Comments:

This car has become my worse nightmare. I've always wanted a All-terrain vehicle to perform some week-end escapades trough the nature and I thought that the Terrano II would suit me, as I was a Japanese car driver for the past years and I was looking for reliable Japanese models. My previous Starlet was light-years away of this piece of trash when it comes to reliability; assembly or materials quality... I was absolutely wrong about the Nissan product. When I've just fixed something; another crap broke down and needed to be repaired. That's impossible to live with a car like that. I've spent over 1300€ in 8 months.

I must say that I don't believe the car has " just" 117000km when I bought it; of course it has been hammered, but let's say that it has 300.000km on it... AND??!! my Toyota had 360000km and was running like a swiss clock. This Nissan is a pure lemon.

Only positive aspects were driving position and reasonable fuel average. Looks are nice, too. Far better than a Land Rover Disco, I think.

Off-road abilities are average; better than a Rav4 but worse than any other competitor (Discovery; Pajero / Shogun; Monterey / Trooper...)

I'm terribly disappointed and I WILL NOT BUY a Nissan again. Ever.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2006

14th Mar 2011, 01:59

I empathise with your troubles with this vehicle, but as you say at the end, it must have been thrashed by a previous owner, and IMHO it is not typical of these vehicles.

As I have both a Nissan and a Toyota, I agree that Toyotas will last well at high mileage, but so will a Nissan.

All the best for the future!