1994 Nissan Terrano II SGX long wheelbase 2.7 turbo diesel from France


A comfortable, well-equipped tank


Repeated oil leaks in rear axle RH side. Following orders from the importer, dealer changed the seal 6 times in 2 1/2 years until I lost patience and insisted they change the half-shaft. Problem disappeared for good.

Clutch pedal bracket fractured at 135000 km. Made changing gear difficult, but I managed to get to the dealer.

Has a ferocious appetite for headlight bulbs - I can now change them blindfolded with one hand tied behind my back.

Persistent leaks through rear door seal on hinge side, despite revised seal. Water leaks under the carpet in the boot and is invisible - you just find your luggage is wet.

General Comments:

Comfortable, very reliable, well-equipped, gives an impression of solidity.

Holds its resale value very well.

Great pulling power - tows an 800 KG caravan as if it wasn't there and is totally stable when towing.

Don't buy one if you're interested in performance or handling - at best you'll be disappointed, at worst you'll kill someone. That's not what it was designed for.

I use about 10l/100km.

On the few occasions I have taken it off the road, I have chickened out long before reaching the limits of what the vehicle can do.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2002

21st Jan 2003, 05:32

Update to this report. I recently decided to change the vehicle (for an X-Trail) after the gearbox started rumbling badly in 1st, 2nd 3rd and 5th. Since 4th is direct drive, the secondary shaft bearings must be at fault. Although I consider that the gearbox of a modern car should last more than 159000 km, given the quality of the rest of the vehicle I'm prepared to consider that it's just bad luck.

18th Mar 2004, 02:17

I am not the only one to have trouble with the leaking rear door then!

After repeated attempts to cure under warranty the dealers failed.

I have sealed under the bottom sill trim with a flexible mastic which stops the water getting to the carpet, and cut a small V in the bottom rubber seal to let the water out, but I can't stop it getting in!

It is the only major fault that prevents me buying another, as it is a design fault - I showed the fault to the dealer on a showroom model!

Roll on the replacement due in 2004!

9th Oct 2004, 04:29

Sorry to hear of your various faults, I post this comment just for information, I experienced diesal engine speed fluctuations " hunting " at tick over, I did not accept dealers suggestion of a fuel pump and eventually discovered it was cheap fuel from the supermarket outlets. I now use only B.P. or Esso and the fault has not repeated itself, I have just clocked up 100000 miles in my Maverick/Terrano, I have never had any other probles.

23rd May 2009, 18:42

I love my Terrano II, but the boot leak is a real problem, I'm going to try the flexi mastic and cutting a V as suggested, but the carpet's already well moldy and smells awful. Also I had new brakes fitted last year and new tyres, but it still seems to lock up when braking down hill.