10th Sep 2009, 20:21

My son has had the same problem. Have had it back to Nissan & originally they said a new key needed to be cut, but then said it was the battery? The car cranks over but won't start. Sometimes this happens once, sometimes twice before kicking over. One time it happened numerous times, has been going on for roughly 1 year so unlikely to be the battery on it's way out, but not really sure??

28th Nov 2009, 22:12

I've seen this as well, the Tiida won't start but it'll kick over. So the battery is NOT at fault here, or the fuel (there's plenty), but I think it's the ECU losing its marbles. Because I have a temporary fix, just unhook the battery and then reconnect it. And like magic it starts and you're off and running again, however the car will fail to start some days down the track and you have to repeat the process weekly or so.

Matt - fret@memecode.com.

10th Jun 2010, 05:47

I have a Nissan Tiida, and not being able to start at times has been going on for 5 months now. It has been back to the dealer 5 times now. They have replaced the keys and recoded them, immobiliser and ariel. This problem is still not fixed.

While I was at the dealer, they had another 3 in the small town I reside.

I think this is a wide spread problem with this make of car.

19th Jun 2010, 03:23

I have the same problem... my car has been having trouble starting. Has been going on for a few months now - had the battery changed, new BCD, new starter motor and more cables put in. Still happening though. Brought it brand new - only 20,000km. Cost me 25,500 for a Q!

12th Jul 2010, 09:33

Previous June report. My previous comment 10 June 2010. They found the fault. It is the keys. Replace both the keys at the same time and the dealer will also code them into the immobiliser. It has not missed a beat in four weeks - starting every time. I am very happy the fault has been found after months and months. Believe me, do not replace one key at a time as this will not fix it. Do both. Let me know how you go.

7th Jun 2011, 23:53

We have this problem with our Tiida as well. In our car it seems to be related somehow to the automatic transmission. When it's having problems - if you move the auto from park to gear and back, usually it fixes the problem.

Nissan told me that they could not identify the fault - but thought it was bad solder joints in the transmission management. Personally, I think it's transmission lockout switches or wiring. My impression is the techs at Nissan spent no more than five seconds on the problem.

In the meantime, I'm waiting for it to turn to a hard fault rather than intermittent. Then it will be easy to find.

19th Nov 2014, 23:55

I am not alone. My bomb did the same thing the second I bought the thing. I was a battery problem in the end for me. I took it to four different people to look at it; even the place I bought the car from 6 hours away from my house. I will never ever buy a Tiida again...

16th Dec 2014, 13:08

2014 - I have had the car since new 2006. Not one problem. It's Gold.

9th Oct 2015, 02:52

How much for the keys??

18th Jan 2016, 11:45

I own a Tiida and it is working good. I find it is very fast, but turning the steering wheel, I always hear a knocking sound.