2004 Nissan Tino SE 1.8i 16v from UK and Ireland




None Yet.

General Comments:

Well my mum bought this car 5 days ago to replace our ageing Scenic. The 1.8i 16v Engine can only just about cope with the cars hefty bulk. It is a lot more free revving though than the old 1.6i 16v Scenic. Over all I think that the Tino is a little slower than the Scenic.

The fuel economy is terrible 28.5 MPG round town to the Scenics 34.2 MPG.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2006

2001 Nissan Tino SE 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Excellent all round package


Accelerator has started sticking recently.

Bonnet has become polka dot from stone chips.

Paint finish is poor, in places there are faded patches where the paint is applied too thin.

Poor fit on the dashboard, it has begun to sink into the car leaving the fitting carpets underneath exposed.

Steering wheel mounted stereo controls can sometimes be intrusive when turning the wheel.

General Comments:

Excellent all round visibility regardless of the rear headrests being relatively large.

Handles like a regular hatchback with minimal body roll in corners.

Seats can be uncomfortable on longer journey's, especially for the rear seat passengers.

Very economical considering the dimensions of the car (For example can fill the car at the pump and do a 400 mile round journey and come home with quarter of a tank of fuel still!)

Removing the rear seats is easy if a little strenuous thanks to the weight of the centre seat, but once removed the space is phenomenal (I got a whole bathroom suite consisting of bath, toilet, sink and all extra additions in one trip)

Exterior looks are mean, and the stance is low and aggressive, giving a good road presence.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2005

25th Apr 2007, 14:33

Totally agree with you, love the looks and the space.

2004 Nissan Tino Acenta 1.8 from Netherlands


A very easy reliable car


Nothing has gone wrong, except a little problem with the climate-control, but that was solved in no time.

General Comments:

The car is quit quick, but is not a sport-car of course.

The comfort of this car is less than the Peugeot.

The chairs of the Nissan are not that comfortable, but they are not bad.

It's a nice overall car.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2005

2004 Nissan Tino SVE 2.2 136 dCi from UK and Ireland


Understated MPV that is an excellent alternative to a Scenic or Zafira


Nothing as yet.

General Comments:

Had the car for about a month now after purchasing the ex-demo vehicle from a main Nissan dealer So far no faults to report.

Completed a family holiday in Wales with 3 kids and a dog plus the Wife. Coped very well with all that was asked of it. Good handling and the 2.2 136 diesel has very good performance. The 6 speed gearbox takes some getting used to, but the power range for 5th and 6th is excellent. Seats were very comfortable and driving position is good, most controls can be accessed from the steering wheel and the Nissan digital interface built into the centre of the dash. Very handy if a little tricky using the joystick when driving.

Returned about 43 miles per gallon (Imperial not US) whilst driving during the week and 47 miles per gallon on the trip home (lots of motorway cruising) Very impressed with this return.

The SVE has a few extras thrown in, leather and suede seats, alloy wheels, electric tilt and slide sunroof and some electronic stability systems for the car. The Nissan bird view SatNav system is also included which is excellent, a must have if you can afford it. One minor thing about the sunroof, it can be tricky to return to the shut position. It seems to switch between the tilt/slide function too quick for my liking and can be difficult to stop on its closed position before it tries to open up in the alternate setting.

The reason for picking the Tino was due to the fact that it can take 3 kids car seats in the back comfortably. The only gripe I can think of is that the centre seat does not slide forward, only the outer 2. A minor issue. Boot space is quite good, surprising actually. Took a large 3 wheeler pushchair, 2 suitcases and a travel cot plus other odds and ends. Rear parcel shelf folds both ways which is handy for access. Lots of hideaway trays and storage locations makes it very convenient. Oh and it has a colour rear view camera which was a major selling point for the kids!

Very pleased with the purchase so far.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2005