11th Feb 2005, 13:30

I Have just purchased a Nissan Tino 1800cc SE.2003 model from a Nissan garage. The vehicle runs well. I have only have a couple of complaints.

1. There is not enough adjustment on the drivers seat for me.

2. Petrol consumption is poor (25 miles mpg) I have just returned from the garage where purchased, and they have said they have checked the system... hope it does better now!

21st Oct 2005, 05:38

I have a Tino 2.2 DCI SE (extra) basically it's a SVE without the satellite navigation. The car is only 1 year and 1 month old, bought from brand new. It has been into the garage in excess of 6 times in relation to an immobiliser fault. Eventually the garage decided to replace the ignition system as they could not find the fault. It has also had a new turbo charger unit, the air intake hole was not large enough and it blew its own hole eventually sestroying the unit completely. Its also had new wiring under the gear box (poor connection and there has now been a modified wire introduced apparently). Other bits and pieces have been tweeked whist the car was in for these repairs. In my immediate family we have 4 Nissans all under 2 years old. 2x Tinos (new turbo new ignition and new fuel pump) 1x Primera (new ignition system, new fuel pump), and 1x micra (new ignition system). This is clearly not acceptable. When my car is going well, its great, if not unusual. Would not recommend Nissan to anyone.

9th Apr 2006, 05:19

All Renault engines you will notice. Nissan engines pre 2003 never missed a beat...ever. Renault unreliability is ruining Nissan's reputation.

3rd Jun 2008, 19:27

Bought my Tino 1.8s 4 months ago. Just checked the fuel economy and it was 29.1mpg. I am shocked at how poor it is on fuel, think I would have been better buying a big 4x4.

The extra space and rear seat flexibility is great though and the kids love it, so it does make an extremely good MPV for those on a budget (although the fuel bills will soon munch the rest of the budget you saved on the purchase)

31st Dec 2008, 14:59

The petrol 1.8 engines QG18DE were designed for Nissan by Aichi Machine Industry, Japan.

Renault built the diesel engines (Renault 1.9cDi common rail diesel unit)

Renault have completely ruined the Nissan brand. The Primera went from being a World Rally champion to being withdrawn from sale in 2006 due to poor sales.