2009 Nissan Titan LE Crew Cab 4WD 5.6L V8 from North America


Great, but be prepared to do some upgrades


Rear differential at 155,000km.

Headlight pigtails failed.

Constant overheating due to under performing radiator.

Vent actuator.

Tailgate assist broke.

Rear sonar sensors stopped working.

Fan clutch failed.

FL wheel hub.

FR upper control arm ball joint.

General Comments:

This has been a very good truck, but Nissan has done very little to rectify issues with the trucks such as constant overheating due to a small radiator. Rear differential failed, which is caused by a vent on the diff case getting plugged and causing axle seals to leak, which results in complete failure due to insufficient gear oil level. I had a powertrain warranty which paid for a new rear diff at $4,000 CAD.

The truck would constantly overheat when idling in warm weather or if the A/C was turned on. I replaced the radiator with a CSF double row all aluminum radiator which eliminated my overheating. I can now tow my trailer in the hottest temps with the A/C blasting. I have done multiple things such as new front & rear Bilstein 5100's and Moog shocks, but that is standard maintenance especially on a pickup truck. Driver's side vent actuator failed, which was a major headache to replace. I do my own repairs and service so cannot comment on dealership service, other than parts are very expensive.

Spark plugs are average $35/plug, as are laser iridium NGKs. Fan clutch failed days after my radiator replacement, which caused the clutch to shift forwards and busted up multiple blades on the fan shroud. Thankfully it did not damage my new $650 radiator. My local dealership wanted $300 for just the plastic blade, which would have to be ordered in. Thankfully I tracked down a good condition used one for $80 from a local wrecker.

I have thankfully not had the infamous issue with cracked manifolds, but will be going with JBA longtube headers should that happen. I plan on keeping the truck as long as I can, as it is a very solid powerful truck and I have become quite familiar with working on it and maintaining it, but am disappointed to see that in the 2004-2015 run of this generation Titan, Nissan did very little to improve any well known issues on these trucks. I have been tempted by a 2nd generation Titan XD, however have been seeing way too many low mileage issues to even consider getting another. Fuel economy is not very good, however it puts in the work and is a full size truck.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2017

22nd Sep 2017, 20:12

$35 a plug? What brand are they?

2nd Oct 2017, 02:34

Nice detail in this review :)

2nd Oct 2017, 17:13

Nissan Titans are known to be problematic and unreliable. My friend had lots of problems with his 2008; some problems covered under warranty and some not covered. Not enough research and development was put into this truck before it was released on the market. A Tacoma or Ford Ranger is a much better choice for midsize; for full size, get a Chevy/GMC, Ford F-150 or Tundra. Much more proven and reliable, you won't be missing days of work due to repairs like Titan owners LOL.

10th Oct 2017, 01:05

NGK Laser Iridium plugs.

10th Oct 2017, 11:41

Less than $20 each at major chain parts stores. Even less online.

Maybe you should look at buying parts elsewhere.

11th Oct 2017, 12:40

After reading your comment, I thought how much cheaper can they possibly be online? Then I checked on Amazon: $7.49 a plug. Wow.