26th Mar 2007, 19:36

Titan is one of the biggest flops Nissan has ever made. It's even less reliable than the problem-plagued Toyota Tundra.

16th Jun 2007, 23:05

All I can say is, don't give up. I bought an '06 LE 4x4 crew cab back in November, have put over 20,000 miles on it in the last 7 months with a lot of jack rabbit starts and stops and occasionally some off-road rough terrain. So far, nothing rattles, no brake issues, everything just works like it's supposed to. UNLIKE some of the Ford's I have previously owned...

You've got to remember, brand new assembly plant in '03 and completely brand new vehicle from the ground up for '04 model year. Obviously, there will be bugs as there are in every other manufacturer's first year or two of production.

25th Aug 2007, 22:56

7:07... So typical of a Japanese company, blame failures occurring because of faulty engineering on the fact that a vehicle is "assembled" in the USA. I hope nobody fell for that nonsense.

You could have the most carefully assembled brake components in the world, but if they are inadequate and/or not designed properly, they are going to fail. To expect any person with half a brain to believe that any conceivable alteration in assembly procedure would prevent that, is just breathtaking arrogance. I do not see how any person in the USA can buy a Nissan after a comment like that.

1st Sep 2007, 16:07

I am really getting tired of people talking trash about Nissan products in general. The Nissan Titan is one of the most impressive vehicles that was put out.

First, the brake issue on the 04-05 Titans has a bulletin out for repair... NOT a recall. Nissan has also issued a brake warranty extension to correct this issue, so why do so many people hire lawyers and file for lemon law when Nissan is willing to fix the problem.

I work for Nissan, and can tell you first hand that the Titan is a very reliable truck! I prefer the way the Dodge and Ford looks/power output, but check their issues out! There are only a few issues with Titans... early production rear ends did not have a vented cover and were overheating. Transmission cooler lines leaking, brake boosters, master cylinder pressure sensors. I have seen 0 engine or transmission problems!

Reading through the various posts made on here, I would bet most people are "do it yourselfers" or go to jiffy lube or equivalent for service, or they would be educated at the dealer on minor issues that have "BULLETINS" FOR REPAIR.


2nd Sep 2007, 07:12

My 02 Super duty has not even hit 85k and is a total piece of junk. Talk trash about the "imports" all you want. I know what I will not be buying.

2nd Sep 2007, 07:56


I have. My '91 Dodge D150 truck has 170,000 miles, is running perfectly, and never gave me any trouble. My '91 Chevy S-10 before that had 225,000 miles on it when I sold it and was running great. The only trouble I ever had with that vehicle was the alternator and oxygen sensor. Those are just my trucks. I have had equal luck with my cars.

You asked me what I think; my American cars have been great. Sorry, but that is just the truth. I'm sure there are bad apples out there on the American side, in fact I know there are. But by your own admission, so are there on the Japanese side... the problems with the early Titan you mentioned. And while we are talking about Nissan, how about the Maxima's and I30's having coil failures every five minutes to the tune of several hundred dollars a piece - which by the way, was a problem that my elderly parents personally had to contend with? How about the Toyota engine sludge problem? How about the Honda transmission problem?

I have never had any of these problems with my domestic vehicles. If I've never had these problems with my domestics, while the Japanese "Big 3" (Toyota, Honda, Nissan) are having widespread instances of these problems, perhaps you can explain how that makes them better. I keep on hearing all these statements of how bad American cars supposedly are, but I've never had a bad one.

I know not all American cars are good, but I also know not all Japanese cars are good. There are good and bad models from all manufacturers. That is why I do a lot of research (much of it on this site) before I buy a vehicle to determine which are the good models of a particular brand, and which are the bad. But I will not sit still while somebody tries to suggest that all American cars are bad, while Japanese cars are supposedly so superior, when I know that this simply is not true.

Given the Japanese auto industry's dramatically diminishing quality over the past decade, in fact, I would say the American vehicles have the upper hand today by a large margin. Anybody who buys a Japanese vehicle today based on the 1980's myth that they are supposedly better, may be in for a hard lesson in reality.

7th Sep 2008, 10:22

I bought my 04 Titan as a Demo with 17000 KM and have been impressed by its power, sports car feel and general reliability. The service by my dealership was great for the most part. I have had what I feel is an above average number of warranty issues (approx 10) that were all rectified completely at the dealership except the brake problems. The symptoms were dealt with under warranty resulting in a temporary fix each time (3 or 4 times) but I feel they have never fixed the problem. I now have 140000 KM on Titan now and brake repairs are at my own expense, but new rotors and brake shoes do not fix the problem.

Why does the brake and steering wheel shudder continue after new rotors and brake shoes were installed? Is there something wrong with the anti lock or ABS system?

12th Sep 2008, 10:54

Titan Update- I bought a 04 early and had brake problems- 4 trips to the shop in 9k miles. They applied the new pad and discs, and guess what? I'm just now going in for a brake job at 104K miles. I tow, I haul, and I live in Utah. I have never had a vehicle go 95K miles between brake jobs. Yes, they had bad brakes, and then they fixed it. It's all up to the dealer, make sure they apply the right fix...

5th Dec 2008, 14:32

I have an 04 Nissan Titan 4x4. I have enjoyed this truck. Although, yesterday I was backing out of a parking lot and it cut off and will not restart. I'm finding lots of the 04's are doing this. The dealers are hooking up a computer to find that there aren't any codes. Replacing fuel pumps, computers, and lots of other high priced things. These trucks all seem to malfunction at around 60k mine has 78k and I've enjoyed each mile. Although, I'm out of warranty and the problem seem to be the IPDM-ER AND the ECM module (according to the forums) Does anyone have any suggestions to this?

20th Oct 2010, 21:30

I have a 2004 Nissan Titan 4X2. It has 115,000 miles, and I have replaced brakes, computer and a UV joint, but that's normal repairs. I'm in the military and travel often. It's been a great truck, loved every minute of it.