27th Mar 2008, 17:37

Alright - we get it mr. caliber.

CVTs are a good idea. Probably better than an automatic, but I'll stick with a manual transmission. It allows more control. I can disengage with a clutch, which cannot be done in a CVT. That system still relies on a Torque Converter. It can be push started if necessary and you cannot beat the reliability and economy (in most cases) of a good old fashioned manual transmission.

28th Mar 2008, 18:40

Experiencing persistant and annoying squeaky brakes for the last 6 months on a 2007 Versa. Dealer service department blames problem on the semi-metallic brakes, and offers no solution.

Car was purchased for safety features, gas economy and value.

Nissan's service is disappointing.

5th May 2008, 20:40

I just purchased a 2008 Versa 6 speed so far I love it. Getting pretty good gas mileage 2nd tank fill and averaging 32 mpg, although the RPM's run much higher than expected. GOing abt 65 mph my RMPs usually hit 3000, isn't that too high to run? Dealer tells me its normal... but my Jeep 6cyl in 5th gear runs 2500 RPMs.

Great commuter car - although I hate the place of the cup holders!

2nd Jul 2008, 22:41

I have a 2008 Versa standard trim and the brakes started squeaking at about 4K and have continued to squeak (now at 9K). The car is 8 months old, and bought new. Dealer response similar to the above commentator: poor response, just the way it is, etc. Have been in twice about the brakes; now considering arbitration and/or trade in for a Honda Fit.

4th Jul 2008, 00:25

Go to another Nissan dealer if your present dealer can't solve your brake problem. Your warranty is with Nissan, not your original Nissan dealer.

30th Dec 2008, 18:22

I bought a new Versa 1.8 S just two months ago. I am very disappointed in the mileage I am getting. Most of my driving is highway and I am only averaging about 24 mpg. I was promised it would get 36 or better. I also am having problems with my windshield breaking very easily. I never had a broken windshield in the last nine years at with my older cars, now everything that hits my windshield breaks it and it doesn't seem to have to hit it very hard. It has two places that have been broken now in two months.

29th Jan 2009, 02:29

2008 Versa - purchased new. Started 'clicking' when making left turns, CVT transmission cuts out. Dealership is replacing transmission under warranty.. anyone else with similar issues?

1st Mar 2009, 18:31

USA Today ran a car review on the Versa (Friday, February 27,2009) entitled "The Nissan Versa sings like a bird "CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP". It discussed the many rattles, squeaks and clunks in the test car, and how the rear seat was hard as a rock. Also, a recent survey of owner satisfaction shows Nissan as one of the FIVE WORST. In fact ALL of the 5 worst were Japanese or Korean (KIA, not Hyundai, which is a pretty good car company). I'm not inclined to purchase another Japanese car. Mine have not been reliable or a good value.

20th Nov 2009, 18:26

Somebody posted earlier that newer cars have lower EPA estimated mileage than older cars. This could be partly due to newer cars having more features and being a little heavier as a result. But I think another important thing to consider is that the EPA recently (2004ish?) changed the way they determine gas mileage to more accurately reflect the way people drive their cars. Consumer Reports compared their numbers with those of the EPA, and they weren't consistently different. So, some cars rated lower in gas mileage by the EPA under the new standards and some rated higher.

14th Jul 2011, 08:45

I have a 2007 Versa SL and love it.

I also like the CVT, and wish I drove it on the highway when I did a test drive. I was amazed at how well the car did on the highway. We get 31-32 MPG at 80-85 MPH. I did get a puzzling letter saying that 'due to the high cost of the repairs of the transmission, Nissan was extending the warranty on the trans to something like 10 years, 120,000 miles.'

If you floor the car at 60+, the engine will rev, but it has enough power that you do not have to push it to the floor to get around someone. This car is a hot rod.

I bought the car, over the Civic, the Fit, the Prius, the Toyota, Yaris and Corrola, because it outweighs them substantially (6-700 lbs?). I did not learn until a year later that it is actually classified as a midsized car. It is not a tin can like the others. The engines in the others look like sewing machines.

The car drives like a V-8, in that the engine does not rev unless you really push it. If you go by the tachometer, and having no wind resistance, the car would do 190 MPH, realistically, 150 MPH IF IT DID NOT HAVE A REGULATOR. I assume that they program the top end at about 110 to match the R rated tires.

I do the Premium maintenance schedule. I buy the parts, an engine air filter, a cabin air-filter and wipers online or the cheapest place. I bought a bunch of oil filters from Nissan at their cost at the time of purchase of the car. The last one is sitting in the cabinet in my office after 4 years. I take advantage of the dealer oil change DEALS (one was free and one was $17.95) because the dealer goes thru the car and tells me if something is wrong. Nothing, but they also tell me the condition of the brakes. The brakes will go 100,000 miles, my rotors are not warped, I am going to do my first rear brake (drums) adjustment this weekend, as it is overdue, and we do get squeaking brakes when we first back out of the garage. Other than that, quiet.

So, with 64,000 miles on the car, I changed the CVT fluid at the dealer for $180 at 60M miles, so I would estimate my cost of service for the four years to be about $5-600 plus and additional 6 oil changes.

I had a Mercury Grand Marquis that grandpa gave us, and the Versa is easier to get in and out of than the Marquis. Lots of headroom. The salesman rode in the back seat behind the driver, and I put the seat all the way back, and he had plenty of room for legs and headroom. He told me that he was 6'11", which seemed just about right.

Not a lot of storage, but the seats fold down and you have plenty, but less passenger space.

You can buy the SL now for $18,700 list, and it answered two of my prayers... navigation and traction control.

This car gives you everything that a $35,000 car offers. My wife calls it the clown car. I told her to get used to it. It's funny, however, every one in the family would rather drive the clown car than the Marquis. The Marquis lost out to a 1983 cherry Mercedes 240D that gets 40 MPG on the road. Both are great rides.