31st May 2013, 21:30

I agree the auto critics are too hard on this car. It's because cars in its class like the Rio, Accent, and Sonic have all improved so much. Their driving dynamics are better than the Versa, and they don't cost much more. The Versa's value is lost unless you get the absolute bare bones model with no options whatsoever.

Also, used cars may be a better option than a new Versa if you want a Nissan. You could probably get a two or three year old Sentra for less than a new Versa.

22nd Oct 2013, 12:36

I now have 12,000 miles and have had no problems, not even a rattle. I do have a heavy foot and still manage an average of 35 MPG. Must say I am still very happy with my purchase.

12th Apr 2014, 15:05

I now have 21000 miles on this little car and have had absolutely no problems with it. Just completed a 2500 mile round trip to Fla and must admit I liked driving my Versa better than our Honda Odyssey or Mazda 5. Even though they both have cruise, they also shift out of over drive at the slightest little incline, whereas the Versa is ruining at 3500 RPM, putting it more into its power range, meaning it chugs up hills like nothing flat. All while getting 39 MPG at 75 miles per hour.

28th Aug 2014, 02:51

That's not entirely true. I cross-shopped the Rio. I was looking to spend as little as possible, but wouldn't compromise on wanting power windows/locks, A/C, automatic trans, and cruise control. The Rio was significantly more expensive if I wanted cruise control on that car because it included a lot of other features I didn't want. I think like $2,000 more. Not worth it. Plus the MPG on that car isn't quite as good. Also found it cramped and uncomfortable compared to Versa. It is a better looking car inside, but the Versa trumped the Rio in every other way for me. Cheaper, better MPG, roomier and more comfortable interior. No regrets.

8th Sep 2014, 01:09

27000, and after driving through a ginormous puddle of water at 70mph, I have experienced the heat shield failure. Let me tell you it rattled like crazy. I debated on waiting till Monday, so I could take it to the dealer, but looked and found it only had one small bolt holding the rear on, so I added a fender washer to the bolt, and problem solved. Otherwise the little thing is still cruising along.

12th Sep 2014, 02:21

I own a 2014 Versa Note and it is a great bargain. I am getting a little less mileage than I thought, but it is because I drive a little hard in the rush hour.

I've been driving it everyday almost, and so far it has been reliable. I have put 20 000km on it and have had no problems other than a non-essential recall, which the dealer fixed.

Last winter there were a few very cold days where it took a little longer to warm up, but it still did, and I left it outside covered top to bottom almost in snow and ice.

The only gripe I have is the defrosting vents don't work that great, but this is an economy car.

I hope it keeps up being dependable. I have the manual trans, which I got because I don't know if the CVT trans is reliable.

12th Sep 2014, 22:55

Make sure and use outside air and turn the air conditioning on. You'll be surprised how much better it defrosts. In summer the A/C works best with the selector set to recycled air. HVAC is all manual, so you have at everything yourself.

27th Oct 2014, 03:37

Make sure the A/C is ON and the fresh air vent is selected, not recirculation. This should correct the issue.

10th Nov 2014, 04:37

In regards to reliability, I've had no problems other than a non-essential "bolt" recall. I have the 2014 manual transmission model and it has been perfectly reliable so far, and I'm at 25 000 km. Too early to judge, but this car is super efficient and low cost to own. Hopefully it stays reliable.

21st Mar 2015, 13:52

Another 6 months and now have 36000 miles. My wife complains that I drive like I am being chased by the hounds of h*ll, yet this little car still chugs right along. No problems to report outside of gas mileage dropped to 31 MPG in mixed driving during our unusually cold winter. Now that the weather has warmed back up, I am back to 35 MPG.

Since it is now out of warranty, I’m thinking about adding aftermarket cruise control and tinting the windows. Otherwise, I am still very happy I bought this car.

26th Sep 2015, 00:34

Another year and another family vacation. 4 adults and luggage cruising comfortably at 75 mph from Columbus Ohio to and around Myrtle beach SC. All on 4-9 gallon tanks of gas. 40000 miles now and no repairs other than normal fluid changes.

16th Dec 2015, 03:28

So what happened after 3000 miles?

11th Jan 2016, 19:45

Nothing but an oil change.

11th Jan 2016, 19:52

45000 and thought I would change the manual transmission fluid. Well I did not properly do my research, and when I couldn't find a75w85 gl4 fluid, I used Lucas 75w90, which stated it exceeds gl4 specs. What I later found out is that it is not yellow metal safe and the synchros are made of brass. I have replaced it with Redline mt85; hopefully I did not damage it. If the synchronizers go someday, it will be my fault. Otherwise chugging right along; even have the original tires.

9th Apr 2016, 14:29

"Or so starts the 1960 commercial for a recently revived car name, and in my opinion this is THAT car for the 21st Century."

This is a bit too cryptic for me - I have no idea what you are talking about.

9th Apr 2016, 20:32

Referring to the Dodge Dart, which was introduced in 1960, killed after 1976, revived a few years ago, and is now about to be discontinued again, along with the Chrysler 200.

10th Apr 2017, 18:33

Now have 65000 miles with nothing but regular maintenance. Gas mileage has dropped by 1 to 2 MPG, but I still believe car is a great value.