2016 Nissan Versa Note 1.6 from North America


It's cheap but I hope dependable


It's new, and so far nothing wrong.

General Comments:

I just bought this 1/20/17. It was the last 2016 on the lot. It's a base model with no electronic door locks, electric windows and has a 5 speed manual. I was just looking for a low priced econ-o-box for commuting to work and so far it has fit the bill.

I've only owned it a few days, so I'll update this as I go along.

It rides nice with comfortable seats and a lot of room. I'm a 250lb 6 foot guy and get in and out with no problem.

I haven't driven a stick shift for some time, so I'm learning again, but with my 40 mile commute it seems I spend most of the time between 4th and 5th gears.

Just hope this car is reliable.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2017

2014 Nissan Versa Note S 1.6 gas from North America


Great for the budget conscious owner


Nothing so far, but I have only had it for a few months.

General Comments:

I was going to consider buying a more upscale used car, but I have had many used cars and did not want to get into a car with possible big problems, so for an affordable price I went with this no frills compact car.

Pros of my base model manual transmission Versa Note:

- Lots of interior space

- The manual gearbox allows you to get the most power out of the small engine.

- Looks good to me, although it is subjective (does not look as cheap as you might think).

- Steering feel and turning radius are excellent.

- Fuel economy is excellent, especially on the highway.

- Brakes seem good so far (strong enough for a quick stop).

- Lots of storage space in the front.

- Very spacious back seats for passengers.

- Excellent visibility with only a tiny blind spot.

- Comes standard with a locking gas cover

- I went on a few longer trips, and it was comfortable and feels good on the highway with little noise.

- Gas tank is tiny, seems like the designers might have made it smaller to crank out all the inside space.


- The manual does not come with keyless entry.

- My model did not come with a hatch release button; you can only open it by turning the key, which I was not expecting, nor was I warned LOL (my biggest gripe).

- There is no mirror on the passenger side sun visor on the base model LOL.

- Both sun visors are much too tiny to properly block the sun. This should be changed on the next year model for safety reasons.

- The car came with heated and powered side mirrors, but I would have rather had a button on the inside to release the trunk.

Final note: Great value since I just finished school and have a budget; it beats taking the bus, but you're not going to be taking big dates out in this. It is A to B travel, no frills, but affordable!

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Review Date: 9th January, 2014

26th Apr 2015, 16:01

I test drove a base 2014 and a SR 2015. The base was a stick and at 60 mph it shows 3000 RPM on the tach; the SR was a CVT and showed almost 1000 less RPM. Nice riding little car. The sun visors are too small.

The 2015 has a fix to the step up load floor when seats folded... a little shelf to put on top of the floor... not a good solution. Would be better to have the seats fold twice... once as they do now, and then to fold up against the front seat backs.

14th May 2020, 17:14

Yeah, we bought a 2018 Versa Note SV hatchback.

Except for push-button start and sunroof, it's got all the bells and whistles.

Our son in law is 6'4" and fits the back seat just fine on highway trips.

Heated seats came with it. We got the car in July, and in January we REALLY appreciated them. No car without them now, ever again.

Getting about 7.7l/100KM, or about 34 MPG in Canada, 31 MPG US, mostly city driving.

Only issue was a slow passenger power window.

Only things on my wish list, if they still made the car, are bigger visors and a power tailgate option.

The other post is right; about 2200 RPM on the highway, and it's very quiet for a cheapo econobox. We've driven other cars for over a decade. If the CVT is reliable, I see no reason not to with this one too.

Also, I like that I can change the oil myself on this car. Tip: spring for the synthetic oil; it's not much more, and it makes a huge difference to engine performance and noise.