2000 Nissan X-Terra XE 3.8L V6 from North America


Good dependable SUV for 10 years ownership


Timing belt at 125K.

Headlights and brake lights blew every 3 to 6 months - known electrical problems with the X-Terra of 00-01.

AC died more than 3x.

Head gasket at 135K.

Turn signal stalk - 185K.

Rear view mirror - 190K.

ABS died - 199K.

Transmission - 205K.

General Comments:

I bought this brand new off the showroom floor with 5 miles on it. I put 60K on it in the 1st two years as a service technician for my company that didn't have a service vehicle. Moved to LA from Washington DC at 67K, then more like 15 - 20K per year over the course of 2001 - 2008.

Overall it was a great car, very reliable and dependable, very little service needed other than oil changes and such, however the car is not designed to go more than 200K, or even 175K without replacing major parts.

You WILL need to replace the timing belt at 105K as suggested, not doing so will result in engine problems like mine when you get up to 120-130K.

The 00 model did not have enough clearance on the wheels to get bigger tires, you have to cut a small piece out of the tire well to get a bigger tire to fit. New models didn't have this problem.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2009

2000 Nissan X-Terra V6 from North America


I love my yellow Xterra. It's the best car ever!


As far as the engine and the transmission go, nothing broke or had to be replaced. You add gas, change the oil and drive it!

The only thing I have to do is to change the timing belt pretty soon, since the car has a 100k on it.

One problem, which I had recently was with A/C. It works, but the switch seems to be broken. The A/C comes on and off. But considering it is a 9 year old car, it is a minor problem.

General Comments:

If you like rough-looking SUV, the Xterra is for you. It is a heavy car, so it is a little slower when you accelerate. But it did not bother me.

The Xterra does not have a whole lot of leg room inside, since it is kind of high. So if you are really tall, big guy, you may want to think about it. It does not bother me, since I'm petite.

So now, when I listed couple negative things, let me tell you that I really enjoy this car. It's been an awesome purchase. This car is unbreakable, if you change the oil. It will last you forever!

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Review Date: 11th July, 2009

2000 Nissan X-Terra SE 3.3L from North America


Good reliable 4x4. Go for it..


Nothing gone wrong, a little underpowered but reliable and performs well as 4x4. Lifters a bit noisy once but added wynns lifter noise reducer and it worked fine...

General Comments:

I love this truck, and looks great cosmetically as well. Reliable and never costs me a dime.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2008

2000 Nissan X-Terra SE 3.3 V6 from North America


Over all a great SUV!


When I was Buying It the A/C wasn't working, so I had the car salesman to write it on a due bill after we talked price. A due bill means that they will fix the car/suv before you buy it. The car salesman thought all that was wrong, was the A/c needed charging.

Little did he know it needed everything replaced, But since he wrote Fix A/C on the due bill and I got a copy, they had to fix it at their cost!

And so they did, the bill came to $2,000 and I didn't have to pay it!

The Nissan mechanic said that the A/C unit must have been faulty.

Nothing else has went wrong with the Xterra since!

General Comments:

Although it's a little slow, it makes up for it by going where you want to.

I have been in mud up to the hubs, I have been down banks into creeks Where the water was over the running boards.

And on one occasion I miss calculated how deep the creek was and before I made it to the other side, I pushed water with the hood for about 5 seconds, needless to say that I found another way out for fear of damaging the SUV! This was all done with a Stock xterra except for the tires are 31x10-50 A/T Liberator.

Yet every morning when its time to go to work it starts the first time, and still runs like new!

I don't think I will ever buy another blazer or a explorer like I owned in high school.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2007