2000 Nissan X-Terra XE 3.3 from North America


Everything you need. Nothing you don't


Mine was the 351st Xterra built, and purchased new. In the almost 6 years of ownership I have replaced 1 set of brakes, 1 headlamp bulb, 1 tail lamp bulb, and replaced the original tires at 96,000 miles; Other than that, this vehicle has been (knock on wood) flawless.

General Comments:

As for me, this vehicle is what it was advertised as... Everything you need. Nothing you don't. Could there be more creature comforts? Yes. Could there be more power? Yes. Could there be more amenities? Yes. BUT, do you need a lamp in the glove-box? No. Do you need 0 to 60 in under 10 seconds? No. Do you need heated seats, wood trim, and a leather wrapped steering wheel? No. Don't get me wrong, all of these are nice... Buy a Pathfinder, or a Lexus, or a Landcruiser, or a Range Rover. My point is the Xterra was built as a full-framed, off-road capable, mid-entry SUV that did not conform to the norm. I think Nissan did well.

Performance: OK, the engine wind-up SHOULD propel this vehicle into space, but, it only manages an on ramp. (You shouldn't try to pass anything without a runway of traffic free oncoming lane).

Reliability: Look into the cost of ownership. Brakes, tires, light bulbs, oil changes, hummmmmm, I kinda think you'd spend that on any vehicle; However, with over 100,000 miles on my personal truck, the above mentioned is ALL that I've shelled out on maintenance.

Comfort: If you don't want a truck... buy a car.

Dealer Service: If you don't like the service at a particular dealership, try another. If you don't like the service there, maybe it's you.

Running Costs: I've read about the horrible fuel mileage... 106,000 miles, just went to Cincinnati from Buffalo average MPG...23. If your getting a lot less? Again, maybe it's you.

Would I buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes.

For the record, this program told me that the year in which I bought my vehicle preceded the year in which it was built. NO DUH, Build date 6-99. Purchased 7-99. Oh wait, Xterra's started in 2000. I should have had 6 months of no payments or interest on a vehicle that didn't exist yet.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 3rd May, 2005