2002 Nissan X-Terra XE 3.3 from North America


A great


If you go to test drive one of these, listen or feel for a "clunking" sound under the passenger foot well. Its obvious if you are listening so you don't have to drive with your ear on the mat or anything. It sounds like something smacks the bottom of the vehicle. This happens mostly on turns and medium and hard acceleration. I'm told this might be typical, but it becomes annoying and I don't remember the demo doing this! Not a problem with the car, but just so that all are aware, the 4X4 only engages at speeds around 15mph! If you're going any faster, you'll be surprised by the clunk and grinding sounds! If you're used to and like the Chevy push-button system that engages on the freeway, you'll be disappointed here. Also, when I inquired about the super charged motor, I was told that for my purposes, towing small toys like snowmobiles that it wouldn't be necessary. I appreciate trying not to over sell me, but I'm starting to wish I had gotten the S/C. My tow power with only two sleds really lacks and my fuel mileage is disastrous. In Michigan, towing two sleds, I have averaged just over 10mpg! What are the US manufactures V-8's getting? Can't be much worse than that can it? Last rip up to go snowmobiling in about 2 foot snow, I heard a repeating clunking sound in the front, passenger wheel. I guess it could be a designed slip action, but have yet to inquire to the dealer about that. Typically, in past vehicles, this kind of sound was a bad thing.

General Comments:

I like this vehicle because it's a little different; not to mention I couldn't afford my other choice, a Chevy Trailblazer. I do like the styling, passengers love how the rear seats are slightly higher than the front (I guess they don't appreciate the back of my head). Also like the large standard tires and the high vehicle clearance... a must in upper Michigan winters off road. Overall, I like this vehicle for the price, I just wish I could do something about the gas mileage, it really is awful!

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Review Date: 19th February, 2003