2004 Nissan X-Terra XE 3.3 liter from North America


While it has some positive features, there are far too many ridiculous flaws for my liking.


Flaw number 1.... When using the windshield defogger, the AC compressor starts. The only way to disengage the compressor is to completely turn off the vehicle and select a different air vent option. I've perfected the art of doing this at 65 mph on the highway by shifting to neutral while my wife screams in horror that I am going to get us all killed.

Flaw number 2... The engineers at Nissan need to take a course in developing algorithms because the cruise control cannot maintain a consistent speed on any road.

Flaw number 3... While shifting the truck into 4WD at any speed above zero expect to grunt and hear your transfer case slowly being destroyed.

Flaw number 4... My personal least favorite aspect of this vehicle is the fold "almost" flat seats. When folding the rear seat down, I question where to put the seat cushions. Do I throw them away or store them in the useless luggage rack atop the vehicle?

Flaw number 5... Despite constant cleaning, the rear windshield wiper doesn't connect with the rear glass at all during the winter. Thus, it is rendered useless during the only time of year that I actually NEED it!

Flaw number 6... The engine is under-powered and (in my estimation) geared wrong for road travel.

Flaw number 7... With gas at $4 a gallon, I can't give the thing away.

General Comments:

Overall, the vehicle has been maintenance free, but certainly not trouble free. On the positive side, it has a great roof rack for hauling large kayaks/canoes, bikes, even lumber. The front passenger seat folds down, which allows for the hauling of longer items. And the seats are comfy.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2008

10th Nov 2008, 20:54

I bought the wife a 2wd 2004 Xterra about a year ago. We take exception to a couple of your comments. The cruise control works flawlessly. Her previous car was a crew cab Nissan, with the same engine and transmission (V6 and 5-speed). We have no complaints about power or gas mileage. Ours gets about 23 mpg on the highway. The rear seat cushion storage problem is a bit of a pain, but we just leave them home when we fold the seat backs down. I would jump at the chance to get a 4wd of the same year.

23rd Dec 2010, 05:06

The A/C compressor starting while in 'defog' is common in newer cars because the A/C unit removes moisture while it operates and therefore can 'defog' better.

1st Apr 2015, 16:36

The A/C compressor is SUPPOSED to come on. It removes moisture from the air to allow for a quicker defrost.

Adjust the spring tension on your rear wiper.

Complaining about fuel mileage in a sport-ut?? Common.

2004 Nissan X-Terra XE 4x4 3.3L V6 from North America




Nothing has went wrong with this truck.

I have replaced the shocks and battery before they needed to be replaced.

The interior is a little cheap, but I don't mind.

General Comments:

This is an excellent truck. It has the best quality I have ever had in a truck.

The off road capability far surpassed even my 98 Jeep Wrangler when I had it.

It has plenty of room for all of my gear, and I know I'm going to get to there I am going.

The gas mileage is terrible. I did not buy an xterra for fuel economy, so I cannot complain.

The engine is a tad underpowered, but the torque is enough to get me through anything I throw at it.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2007

2004 Nissan X-Terra SE from North America


Good, but needs some design changes


Transmission had trouble shifting when on cruise control right after I bought it.

Paint is chipping all over vehicle.

Just recently got stuck in snow. Limited slip differential is not kicking in.

Has an antifreeze leak that the dealer can't find.

Tires kick up a huge amount of stones. In fact kicked up a large rock that bounced off a small trailer and broke the rear window out.

The factory equipped tires are a joke for a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I got 15 flat tires in the first 8 months on them.

The location of the spare tire release should be tested by it's designer in -20 degree temps in the snow at night like I had to several times. It is in a ridiculous position without any guide to locate it.

General Comments:

The engine is underpowered and as a result is a gas hog. The basic frame and design is great for off road use, but I think some design changes are in order. I'm glad I opted for the extended warranty because I think I'll need it.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2005

22nd Nov 2005, 21:36

Thank you for telling us what kind or size the engine is.

And I don't feel like addressing your review because I think I know what type of person you are. One that does no maintanace (can't spell I know),beats their car, and otherwise knows nothing of cars or this one in particular and expects to much. Like is yours a 2wd? If so, a limited slip rear will only do so much...

23rd Nov 2005, 10:51

Wow, someone didn't get their fiber this morning! The vehicle is maintained by the dealership at the prescribed intervals. The vehicle is a 4X4 (that means 4 wheel drive). Apparently you either work for Nissan or have some type of love for the company. In any case, if you feel the Xterra is so great, I'll sell you mine.

PS I've restored 9 cars in the past 20 years. I know about vehicles and how they work.

18th Jan 2009, 05:15

X-terras are great and very reliable, but underpowered... Nissan should of at least been getting 200 hp out of the 3.3 without supercharging it, and with the super charge should be over 250. What a weak supercharger, and also the rear wiper is garbage does not work properly.