2004 Nissan X-Terra SE from North America


It's an average vehicle that goes through too much gas


Nothing has really gone wrong with the vehicle.

General Comments:

This vehicle gets terrible gas mileage.

It does not handle wet roads well. It hydroplanes very easily and at high speeds is not steady.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2005

6th Feb 2006, 02:31

I have an 04' X-Terra and overall it is what I expected. I have had no problems but I agree 100% about it not handling very well on wet roads. Mine has hydro-planed at relatively low speeds on several occasions. Nothing major and no accidents, but enough to make rainy driving a little uneasy.

I'm glad someone else pointed this out and its not just my driving.

The gas mileage - not that great. But it's an SUV and I knew that when I bought it.

26th Jan 2007, 06:28

Hydroplaning isn't so much the vehicle as the tire you have on your vehicle. If they're stock tires it may just be that the tires aren't good in that element. Or the tread could be worn out. My Toyota 4runner had the same problem due to tread wear and now that I have new tires it hasn't happened since.

2004 Nissan X-Terra XE 3.3L 6 cylinder from North America


We nicked named it the


The vehicle is mechanically sound with no problems to report as of yet.

You can count on it getting you to point A to point B, which is about the only good thing I can say about it.

General Comments:

The Xterra is my mother-in-law ex-husband brainchild. He wasn't the sharpest knife is the kitchen. I would never buy this thing.

I'm 6'4", 230lbs. This thing is built for people 5'2" and a buck twenty.

The ride quality is awful. The Xterra has a way of making small bumps and dips in the roadway feel very large, and this is coming from someone who drove a lowered RSX for 3 years.

The spring rate front and rear are too weak for the weight of this vehicle.

The slightest braking will send the front plummeting to the ground. Perhaps Nissan thought it would be a good ideal to increase the forward viewing angle during stopping.

There is a very noticeable lag in pedal response. When the engine gets the clue that the driver is asking it to rev up and move forward it stops and ponders the thought for a second. Then is makes a tons of noise from the very restrictive exhaust system, rattles the whole vehicle, then swats like a sumo wrestler before jumping forward like all too edger dog. Then while you recovering from being tossed around, the Xterra is slowly advancing forward with all the roar and commotion of a big V8 but with the power and guts of a 3 banger Geo. My wife said it best when she said "We should take the Dakota if we want to be on time."

The rough take off is due to the torque converter having a very quick engagement. A steady foot is required to keep the SUX from launching forward and disturbing the passengers. This is the not the vehicle to get if you value your passage ride comfort.

The seat base angle has to be the steepest angle I have ever seen in a rear seat. This makes the seats feel very uncomfortable as it put the legs into an acute angle in relation the upper body. We have found an hour is the about max before someone starts complaining of discomfort. My 18-month-old daughter forward facing car seat looks a rear facing mounted backwards. Yes, even she hates the Xterra.

To fold down the rear seat, you have to remove the seat base. OK, so where do you put the seat base? How about in the "dirty underwear bin" on the roof? Rats, they won't fit. Nissan could've easily reduced the seat base angle allowing for the seats to fold neatly on top without removing the seat base.

A first aid kit is handy, but does it really need a pointless budge on the hatch for it? It just another example of how this was design to appear practical and "cool", but in fact isn't.

Every time I hop in I feel like I'm cramming myself into tin can. Compare the entry to this is a MDX, Explorer, Durango, 4 Runner, etc, and you'll see. Also watch out for the seat adjusters, they'll attack you every time!!

There absolutely no leg room for the driver. The front floorboard needs to be dropped 3 or 4 inches under the pedals.

The front seats belong in a car, not a SUV. Being in the driver seat feel like seating on the floor with you leg straight out.

The interior room is cramp for a vehicle this big.

The interior door handles are the same design from 1980.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2005

8th Feb 2005, 09:02

Excuse me, but I didn't buy this thing. I'm not expecting it to handle like a Caddy. I'm expecting to ride a bit better then a civic with cut springs and blown shocks. I expect a SUV with big tires and lots of suspension travel to take minor bumps and bridge transitions without sending shock waves through out the truck and into my teeth. I like a firm ride, but I don't like to be rattled by small bumps in the road.

Just to let you know, I have driven "real SUVs" and real trucks. One of the best riding trucks I have driven is a Dodge Ram 3500 4x4. That thing has tons of room, ride smoothly, flatten out bumps, and is fun to drive.

I was impressed with the 4 Runners I drove. Nice firm ride, lots of room, no cheap plastics.

I like my Dakota. Supportive seats, firm ride, lots of power, and room for my legs.

A Nissan Xterra drives like a trud. Its cramp on the inside. It filled with cheap plastic, low grade carpets, and is very friendly. If you look closely at the underbody, the floor can be dropped without hurting the ground clearance. Heck, even the seats could be rised. Personal, a truck or SUV isn't a "real SUV" if it has seats better suited for a car.

If you like it so much, come buy this thing from us! Please, we would be more than happy to see it leave our life. If fact, we'll give it to you if we could!