13th Mar 2005, 11:59

The Nissan Xterra is just a wannabe jeep "XHEADS". Your sorry supercharged motor only has 210 horsepower?

22nd Mar 2005, 07:32

A word of caution to all Xterra drivers. A good friend of mine rolled his Xterra after driving into standing water during a heavy rain. His speed was 55 mph. I just watched a local TV station warn of accidents due to standing water... the vehicle being towed away was a Nissan Xterra. Perhaps the 'spongy' feeling front supension is a liability once the vehicle gets a little sideways. Be aware of the potential for disaster in heavy rains.

2nd Aug 2005, 13:27

Hey there, you must mean "me?" Though I didn't spell it right ~ it's the Toyota Landcruiser - not a Landrover. And, it was: "Xterra to Jeep" - no Landrover was mentioned...

My mentioning the cruiser was to give an example of nearly everyone's preferred off-road vehicle (including the heads of Alkida!). But just as Toyota's Landcruiser has morphed from a "jeep-like vehicle" into a ground-based space-shuttle in its complexity and "creature comforts," the Nissan Pathfinder & Toyota 4-runner have done the same; and in doing so have priced themselves out of many of our lives. And pricey or not, who needs all that crap?

Now here-we-go with the Xterra's... they "bate & hook" a younger generation (X) - then lead-them-along with an ever-increasingly complex and expensive vehicle. Sure glad I got to X last year - I'd no longer consider this road-tank of a "redesign" they're offering now. But just watch - America will eat 'em up!

23rd Nov 2005, 11:09

Wow! Who would have thought that there was such passion for a vehicle? Lighten up guys. It's just a car! An underpowered one at that.

25th Jun 2007, 18:56

It's all personal preference. Basically, if you do your homework on the car you won't have this many complaints about it. I can see unexpected mechanical issues being a problem. All of the above complained about issues could have been detected with ONE test drive.

14th Sep 2007, 00:29

It all boils down to, if you don't like it, get rid of it.

Believe me there are hundreds of people into buying a rugged, moderate sized SUV fairly cheaply - I'm sure you'll sale it right quick.

I agree, these are not the softest riding trucks, but they were by no means designed that way either; I too have a rough riding suv, an Isuzu Rodeo, it's 10yrs old now and I still love it.

15th Jun 2008, 18:40

This is not "bash another automaker" comment area. If people would just stick to the topic at hand, then there wouldn't be any useless comments about garbage!

Anyway, to correct a comment: the XTERRA is not a car, it is a SUV!

Also, the "X" does not stand for "Generation X". The "X" is short for "CROSS" and the "TERRA" is short for "TERRAIN". Therefore, "CROSS TERRAIN" is what "XTERRA" is short for. I have an "XTRAIL" and that is short for "CROSS TRAIL". Think of "XMAS" and you will get the idea.

Too many people rush into a purchase, and complain, when they realize that they have lacked the research and homework that is necessary when making a purchase. If you don't do the research, then you lose in the end. Just to clarify another point, if you were driving a non-off-road-SUV, before you purchased the XTERRA, then chances are the XTERRA will be bigger, higher, stiffer ride, consume more fuel, etc.

Do the research and save yourself the problems/surprises. Buyer beware.

2nd Jan 2009, 02:53

To the guy talking about the "land-curser" or "cruiser" or whatever; what does the Kool-Aid you are drinking taste like? What flavor?

18th Jan 2009, 05:11

Why would you buy a vehicle that doesn't fit your body size?

Those Xterras are a little underpowered, but are one of the most reliable trucks on the road, so relax, take a deep breath, and keep on truckin bud, and I'll see you at 300000 miles and still running alright.

12th Feb 2010, 20:12

Since these comments are all off topic, I am going to write a big thank you to the poster of this review. And how come everyone keeps saying he shouldn't have bought it? He inherited it! He doesn't like it and he wrote a review. What's the problem?

He also fairly compared it to other SUVs with similar capability and sizing, and I needed that. I am also really tall, and so that aspect is important to me too. Most of the comments are fluff and flaming, not so helpful.

I am also familiar with newer vehicles that electronically control the throttle, and there's a huge delay and then it takes off like a rocket because you can't figure out exactly how much gas you're giving it. I hate that. So basically this review is great, and most of the comments are useless.