2004 Nissan X-Trail TI-L 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A very reliable, versatile, and useful car


Nothing apart from routine replacement items.

General Comments:

This car has been absolutely reliable for seven years. This includes a couple of off road trips in the high country.

The 3-position AWD system works really well.

There is plenty of power and a really responsive throttle. Brakes are excellent.

Although only a 4-speed auto, it is adequate and changes down very readily if needed. I changed the gearbox oil at 100,000km, though it's not supposed to need it.

Comfort in the leather seats with electric adjustment is quite good, though the seating is a bit firm and could be more supportive. But it's better than the cloth seats in the cheaper models.

Legroom in the rear seats is excellent.

Storage room in the boot is good, even with the back seats up. With them down, it is very good.

Can carry quite heavy loads with no strain evident from the engine.

Fuel consumption is reasonable - around 11 litres per 100 km around town, and 8 litres on a country run.

Sun roof isn't worth it, as it's very noisy once you get above 70 kph.

Central placing of instruments is quite useful, as I like the steering wheel at the lowest position, and it means I can see all the dials completely.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2011

2004 Nissan X-Trail Sport 2.2 dci turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Seriously flawed in the turbo department


Turbo and inter-cooler went at 12000 miles.

Turbo went again at 62000.

At 12000 miles, as I drove in for my first service,the turbo started whistling and resulted in a new turbo and inter-cooler, followed by 3 or 4 returns to change boost valves.

All was fine till 62000 miles, and yes it's the turbo again.

Nissan, as with other reports, wanted nothing more to do with it other than to empty my account at their prices.

My advice is to get on the Internet and shop around.

I had a reconditioned unit fitted for less cost than Nissan wanted for the turbo alone.

Yes they have a problem with this, it's obvious from the reviews, but once that warranty is out, make no mistake, Nissan won't want to know!

General Comments:

Bought for its good reviews.

Comfy and reasonably quick.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2008

6th Mar 2012, 05:12

My X-Trail's intercooler developed a leak, which Nissan repaired... that is the sum total of the problems I had. Could it be that you are not driving it right? I seldom let my X'y go above 3500 revs; the rev band being between 1800 and 3000 RPM.

2004 Nissan X-Trail ST 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great capable small 4x4


Knocked a hole in the sump when traveling over a rocky paddock. It could do with better protection under the vehicle.

Had a recall for something to do with fuel breather pipe.

No other problems.

I had a bit of a problem finding decent off road tyre to fit.

General Comments:

The rear suspension in the rear is too soft to carry any reasonable load in the back. Replaced springs with heavier coils.

I have done some quite serious off roading in this vehicle. e. g The Gunbarrel Highway and many sandy rocky and muddy tracks. The only problem is the lack of ground clearance.

I use the all wheel drive mode on gravel or wet roads, otherwise front wheel drive only unless off road when the 4x4 mode works well.

Fuel economy is not great I use just over 11L/100 Km. Not good when the manufacturer says 6.5L/110Km is possible.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2008

2004 Nissan X-Trail Sport 2.2 dci from UK and Ireland


Nice car, but don't buy


Turbo developed loud whistle. This has been problem too many X Trail owners. Wrote nice letter to Nissan asking for some assistance even though out of warranty. No help forthcame. Dealer cost new turbo £1007 inc vat plus labour. Have managed to buy new turbo for £650 from alternate dealer. This turbo problem can cause engine to blow. Concur with many other owners. Do NOT buy a diesel X Trail and don't hope for help from Nissan.

General Comments:

Very comfortable and economical for a 4 X 4.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2008

17th Jun 2010, 12:45

I have had a petrol and then a diesel Nissan Xtrail (2004 2l DCI). Touch wood, it has been a great car and 'relatively' economical.

The children love it in the travels. No real off road done yet, but it has been very useful for the ad-hoc moving requirement.

I would like better fuel efficiency, but get 26-31mpg on the diesel. Petrol was horrendous.

This is a good car overall. I had to change the intercooler recently, a fair amount of oil spray was on the on hoses.

Looking at my boy racer next, middle age crisis and all that.