2006 Noble M400 3.0 V6 twin turbo Duratec from UK and Ireland


A truly amazing machine that will make supercars run for the hills!


Turbo boost gauge gave up at 2k miles, fixed under warranty (just a hose that had come adrift).

Not much else! Very surprising how well this motor is built.

General Comments:

Well for starters, this car replaces my previous car for weekends (a Porsche 911 turbo '930') so it had to be something pretty special.

I first test drove the Noble at a track day; a good friend and work colleague of mine lent me the car for a few laps, as he had specialist car insurance to cover the car on a track; his being the slightly older M12 GTO-3 with a bit less power. I was instantly hooked at the very little turbo lag the car had, despite being turbocharged.

I was so impressed that I contacted the Noble factory to order my car and get some more information about it.

Several long months later, I got a phone call from Dave at the factory to say the car was finished and could now be delivered. I got this arranged to be delivered through to my local Ford dealer, as it was the easiest way for me to pick it up.

I knew when I purchased the car that it would be reliable using the Mondeo Duratec 3.0 engine.

However this is heavily modified with two turbos, and has highly strengthened internals to cope with all the power and torque. I believe the engine has around 425bhp in this state of tune; much more powerful than the 'standard' so to speak GTO-3 model I drove previously.

Anyway, when I picked up the car I was so happy with my purchase I promptly drove it as often as possible to get it all fully 'run in', this seemed to take forever, but once done the car was completely different to drive; much more flexible and a smoother drive altogether.

After the running in process, the turbo gauge on the dash started playing up, and then quit working. After taking it to a specialist, he found the hose had come loose on the back, so this was a very simple fix. Other than this, I've never experienced any problems.

Of course routine maintenance isn't bad either, with it being a Ford based engine, it is meticulously serviced and cared for, and the drive is amazing. Ferrari's etc. are no problem at all in this car. It's so quick that it will make any M5 or AMG seem like it's going backwards, and Ferraris will have a very hard time staying with you from a set off or round a track, although the top models like the Enzo etc. or similar from other companies will quite possibly trounce this car.

But as an all rounder at £70k, it's hard to beat.

The interior is what you would expect of a race car; fairly basic, with not much insulation, but it does have a fairly decent stereo when driven at reasonable speeds, although that V6 sounds very nice at full bore!

An amazing track car that is drivable day to day if needs be (not recommended by the way).

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Review Date: 10th April, 2007

25th Sep 2007, 04:15

I think these Nobles are good cars, however my Nova turbo has beaten these numerous times round our local track, they're not as fast as you think.

25th Sep 2007, 06:42

LOLRAOTF, that comment has really made my day... I hope you were joking!

All Nobles are not only exceptionally fast in a straight line, but some of the best handling cars in the world, if not the best.