1990 Oldsmobile 88 3.8L V6 supercharged from North America


A high performance sedan


CV Joints don't last very long.

Rotors always find a way to get warped.

Overall, not much has gone wrong, other than the stuff you need to regularly change/replace.

General Comments:

6 months after I bought the car, a buddy of mine was scrapping his 1990 Bonneville and was selling it for parts, so I got the supercharger from it and fitted it to my Delta 88, also took the wheels and seats, although the seets did not fit, now I pull up to a stop light and can smoke T-birds and Stangs. Once raced a Corvette, didn't beat him but managed to some what keep up.

Overall this car was a nice investment.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2001

3rd Oct 2001, 08:25

Can you explain how you did the supercharger conversion on a web site?

Because I'm thinking of doing that with my "super sleeper" four-door Delta 88.

1st Nov 2001, 07:08

Could you explain what all was required to do the conversion (supercharger)? If so, mail me at hotstreet13@hotmail.com

1st Oct 2002, 01:07

Pontiac did not supercharge the Bonneville until 1992 with the SSEi.

2nd Oct 2002, 15:25

I was also wondering about the supercharger thing. I have a 1989 Eighty-Eight, and was thinking about trying to find a supercharger from a Bonneville, if at all possible. So, along with e-mailing this other guy here, e-mail me too.


9th Oct 2002, 21:07

Ya, tell me about the supercharger too.


18th May 2003, 20:50

If any of you read this any time soon, please send me the info on the supercharger install too, please.

My E-mail is Broel2000@aol.com.

If anyone has any intake or exhaust mod information please tell about that too. Thank you.

29th May 2004, 20:24

I am also interested in this, as my '90 Olds D88 is nearing 300,000 km, I'm contemplating an engine rebuild, and a supercharger would be a nice addition. It's been a while since I've seen a supercharged 3800 Series I, I'm damn sure it wouldn't take much to convert an old bonnie 'charger over, but the details would be nice - my email is TacticalVirus@hotmail.com and I would be sincerely grateful if you would explain the details.

29th Oct 2007, 18:25

If any one has successfully supercharged an 89 delta 88 (3800), could you write the procedure as a comment in the reviews please. I want to put a supercharger off of a 94 Bonneville on my Delta, but don't want to mess anything up. Thanx.

1990 Oldsmobile 88 Royal 3.8L V-6 from North America


An excellent large car!


ABS warning light remains lit, even though ABS system reports OK.

General Comments:

Very nice and comfortable interior, nifty electronics, nice large car.

Gas mpg is not the best, but the acceleration it gets is worth the extra gas costs.

Great handling.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2001