1978 Oldsmobile 98 Regency 403 from Austria


A great cruiser


Very few.

Cruise control had to be replaced.

A/C didn't work, and was fixed.

Doors had to be realigned.

Transmission seals had to be changed.

All the electric motors seem a bit tired.

General Comments:

A real nice cruiser!

My father bought a brand new 79 Buick Electra, which was the family car for the next ten years or so. After that time he sold it and I'd missed the ship ever since.

A couple of years ago I finally bought an Olds 98 of the same year.

The body is identical and the interior is close to the Buick's luxury too.

Its body is white with the inside all black, which is a quite rare and tasteful combination.

In short, the car is a gem. It rides great on the highway and can be a nice performer too - if you don't mind the masses of gas it will need if driven fast. On smaller roads it will not drive as nicely as on the highway, but it is still loads of fun. The trunk is huge for a sedan and the front seat offers enough space for (almost) anyone. The backseat is not that comfy, but I will probably renew the seat stuffing soon, which will bring an improvement.

I had to change the radio, which wasn't working anymore; next will be the speakers, which will be renewed.

Sure the car has some dents and faults here and there, but it is great fun to drive and reliable. Would recommend it to anyone in search of an old cruiser, and would buy it again for myself anytime.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2015

1978 Oldsmobile 98 4 Door Regency from North America


Totally restored, this is a stately, luxurious car with a smooth silent, powerful ride. I love it


Manual Remote Side Mirror Mechanism.

Right Hand Back door Power window motor died at 20,000 km.

Cruise Control Mechanism Failed.

Shocks, Struts Springs - old age failure.

Radiator rusted through from lack of use.

Muffler and exhaust system - old age failure.

General Comments:

Bought new by my Father in 1978 new. Car was seldom used after his death in 1983. Car remained mostly in garage. Old age and lack of use were the real problems.

2005 had car completely restored and new paint job. Original interior in immaculate condition. A really handsome, stately car in very dark metallic green with clear coat. Powerful, smooth ride. Very quiet - Had all doora and hood and boot lids carefully realigned - better than originally installed. New polution-free air conditioning system installed.

While I personally drive BMW Z3, this magnificent classic car is a joy on the highway, with the ride of the big American cars of old. Had suspension replaced with a tighter feeling system.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2005

1978 Oldsmobile 98 LS 6.6L gas from North America


It may be your father's Oldsmobile, but oh what a feeling


Note - These are all the repaired items from 84,000 miles to 210,000 (and still kicking)

At 126,000 - radiator, timing chain set, master cylinder, rear wheel cylinders.

Idler arm and upper ball joints about 160,000.

Transmission re-build at 174,000.

Water pump.

Alternator at 150,000.

Starter at 140,000.

AC clutch at 150,000.

Rear end at 210,000.

General Comments:

I will miss this car when it finally does die, but I am not sure when that will be. I think the body will rust in half first and I like in Tennessee.

At 210,000 miles the engine is just as strong as it was at 84,000. The car was purchased by my father at 84,000 miles. He gave it to me at 126,000 because he had neglected it and did not want to fix it anymore. I gave it the TLC it needed and proceeded to drive the wheels off.

All of the repairs I listed are pretty typical of ANY car and are VERY reasonable when you consider the mileage figures they occurred at.

The thing starts and runs no matter what the conditions are and I have never been afraid to take it on long trips.

The best part - 403 cubes of V8 power. It sucks down the gas, but moves pretty good for a boat.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2004

27th Mar 2005, 21:08

The Olds 403 was a destroked version of their 455 which was discontinued in '77 (which is just as well as it was watered down quiet a bit- 400hp in top form in '68, 215hp in '76)

9th Feb 2009, 10:17

You are all wrong, the 403 was made from a 403 block. Plans to use the 350s and 455s were ruled out because of all the problems they had.